The 46th British Open is to be held between 15th - 17th October 2021, and the Spa in Bridlington.
Entries can be made through the Trinations website

The Championships starts off on Friday 1.00pm with the brand new England International Trial, the winners of the events, will be included into the England National Teams, at the British Internationals next April, the trial also carries England Event Ranking points, and is a qualifier for the WDF Masters and World Championships.

Friday evening the Mens and Ladies Pairs are held, with the British Open Mens and Ladies Classic on Saturday, along with the brand new British Open Youth event.

Sunday is the iconic British Open Men's and Ladies Championships, followed by the Grand Finals Live on TV by 247TV.
The event is being sponsored by One80 and L Style.
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This Sunday 26th September at the Altis Leisure Centre in Basingstoke, England Darts will be holding the first of their two County Regional play-offs for the Lakeside World Championships to be held in January 2022.

This is a unique opportunity for all players to start on the road to qualification into the TV Grand Finals. There have been a few enquiries lately on how players can participate. The event is open to all players no matter what age (except PDC Tour Card Holders for obvious reasons).

The different ways of entering are listed below.

Each member county can either run a play-off or nominate 1 man and 1 Lady for a free entry into the regional play-off (either Berkshire or Warwickshire not both) if you run a play-off you decide on the fee you want to charge and you keep all the money you generate from your play-off.

If any of your players either lose in your play-off you run, they can enter the one or both the regional play-offs for a second chance.

These entries can be made directly through the England Website, or if any of your players cannot make your play-off schedule night, they can also enter directly through the England website, to one or both the play-offs.

There are no restrictions on age.

The regional qualifiers also gain you places in the 2022 World Masters.

The final qualifying event will be in Coventry on 9th October 2021
Basingstoke Play off

Everyone involved in England Darts especially the youth section are completely shocked and saddened by the news just a few minutes ago, that one of our biggest supporters Cath Cairns has sadly and very unexpectedly passed away this morning.

Cath was ever present at all our youth grand prix events with her daughter Eleanor, who should have been making her county debut for Lancashire today.
This is very early news, and any updates will be posted as soon as available.

The Directors, Executives and family of England Darts pass on our sincerely and heartbroken wishes to all Cath’s family and friends.
On Behalf of England Darts.
Tommy Thompson

Last week England ran their flagship event The England Open at our home of darts Selsey. The event was originally scheduled for June, but due to the Covid pandemic issues it was moved to September and for the first time in the history of Darts our event carried the new WDF Gold Ranking category with a direct place in the TV stages of the World Championships to be held at the Lakeside this coming January.

Deta created her own piece of history by taking the Open title for the third time (2013 & 2016), but she technically became the first WDF Gold Champion, with the ladies final being played prior to the Men’s, another first on her already impressive CV.

Congratulations to Belgium’s Brian Raman in becoming the England Open Men’s champion out of a field of more than 400 players, and like Deta takes his place on the Lakeside stage.

We would like to thank all the players who made the trip to Selsey in these very difficult times, in fact to our pleasant surprise, we broke all previous records for an event at Selsey in September, and only slightly less than our very best June event, despite missing many of our regular players from Europe.

Hopefully we will be able to welcome them back next year.

Open Winners 2021

Stage finals are due to start at 15:00 on Sunday 12th September 2021 and can be viewed live on the England Darts YouTube Channel.

The draws for the England Open Men's and Women's Pairs can be viewed using the links below.

England Open MEN'S Pairs 2021

England Open WOMEN'S Pairs 2021

England National Singles 2021

Start of play 18:00 on Friday 10th September 2021

Men's Alpha list with Group Number

Men's Drawsheet

Women's Alpha list with Group Number

Women's Drawsheet


England Open 2021

Start of play 10:00 on Saturday 11th September 2021

Men's Alpha list with Group Number

Men's Drawsheet

Women's Alpha list with Group Number

Women's Drawsheet

Seedings for the England Open and England National Singles 2021 are available for viewing at: Online Services - Event Information Page.

Seedings are based on WDF World Ranking Systems Criteria - Seniors

The WDF tables used for seeding are those that were valid on Wednesday 1st September 2021 per rule 9.03.

Tied positions have been dealt with in accordance with Rule 9.04.


This sunday England Darts stages the Sussex Youth Grand Prix at Haywards Heath Social Club. Events for Youth Boys and Girls on a round robin system.

Venue Address - Haywards Heath Social Club 6 - 8 Wivelsfield Road RH16 4EG01444 455885
Enter via.
.Haywards Heath

England Darts has increased the allocation from the W.D.F World Masters and World Championship qualification criteria, to now include semi-finalists in the Men's and Ladies National Singles Championships.
The event starts at 6.00pm on Friday 10th September. Don't forget entries will close midnight on the 5th September, 2021National Singles Advert
England Open Singles (W.D.F Gold Ranking Event)
Winners of both the Men's and Ladies Open will go directly into the TV stages of the W.D.F  World Championships
Mens Prize Total Payout Ladies Prize Total Payout
Winner £4,000 £4,000 Winner £1,800 £1,800
R/Up £1,800 £1,800 R/Up £900 £900
Semi/Finalists £900 £1,800 Semi/Finalists £400 £800
Quarter/Finalists £350 £1,400 Quarter/Finalists £175 £700
Last 16 £175 £1,400 Last 16 £100 £800
Last 32 £100 £1,600 Last 32 £25 £400
Last 64 £50 £1,600 N/A N/A N/A
Total Payout £13,600 Total Payout £5,400
England Open Pairs
Mens Prize Total Payout Ladies Prize Total Payout
Winners £1,000 £1,000 Winners £500 £500
R/Up £500 £500 R/Up £200 £200
Semi/Finalists £200 £400 Semi/Finalists £80 £160
Quarter/Finalists £100 £400 Quarter/Finalists £50 £200
Last 16 £50 £400 Last 16 £20 £160
Total Payout £2,700 Total Payout £1,220
England Open Mixed 4's & Youth Open Grand Prix
Mixed  4's Prize Total Payout Youth Open GP Prize Total Payout
Winners £400 £400 Winner £150 £150
R.Up £200 £200 R/Up £75 £75
Semi/Finalists £100 £200 Semi/Finalists £25 £50
Quarter/Finalists £50 £200 Girls Winner £50 £50
      Girls R/Up £25 £25
Total Payout £1,000 Total Payout £350
England National Singles Open (W.D.F Silver Ranking)
Mens Prize Total Payout Ladies Prize Total Payout
Winner £1500 £1500 Winner £750 £750
R/Up £700 £700 R/Up £350 £350
Semi/Finalists £350 £700 Semi/Finalists £200 £400
Quarter/Finalists £175 £700 Quarter/Finalists £75 £300
Last 16 £80 £640 Last 16 £25 £200
Last 32 £35 £560 N/A N/A N/A
Total Payout £4,800 Total Payout £2,000


Date Events - White Horse Complex - Bunn Leisure - Selsey. Doors Open Start
9th Sept 45th British Pentathlon (Men's) Championship 10.00am 11.00am
10th Sept England National Singles Open (Men's & Ladies) 12.00 Midday 6.00pm
11th Sept England Open Singles (Men's & Ladies) 8.30am 10.00am
11th Sept England Open Youth Grand Prix (Boys & Girls Under 18) 8.30am 4.00pm
11th Sept England Open Mixed 4's 8.30am 4.00pm
12th Sept England Open Pairs (Men's & Ladies) 8.30am 10.30am
12th Sept England Open TV Stage Grand Finals (All singles Events) 8.30am 3.00pm


The third event in the England Youth Grand Prix series will be held at the home of Cheshire Darts, The Coppenhall. W.M.C 103, North Street, Crewe CW1 4NJ on Sunday 15th August 2021.
As usual all players welcome, with a separate sections for the boys and girls as well as a mixed event. The events are based on the round robin system where all players actually play a few games, as opposed to a straight Knock-Out, where the kids only get one chance.
There is £350 prize money on offer on the day, with a possible qualification into the Grand Finals.
The events also carry qualification into the WDF World Masters and World Championships.
Entries can be made online at goto online services tab, with discounts on entry fee for members of England. You can also become a member of England which gains you both discounts and entry into the Monthly Draw, with the bonus of youth members also getting discounts on the seniors events.
Crewe 15

Report - Dave Dudeney

Sunday 1st August saw the 2nd England Youth GP of the year held at the Belgrave Sports and Social Club in Tamworth a quality field of 30 players which included an impressive 10 girls.
Once the group stages were complete it threw up a very interesting knock out stage with the bottom half the draw made for a mouth-watering set of games. Derby finalists Eleanor Cairns went out at the last 16 stage along with Hannah Meek, Hannah narrowly missing out 3-2 to Joshua Bean. First of the stand out games in the bottom half saw Sussex pairing of Tavis Dudeney and Reece Pauling which saw Tavis coming out on top to set up the next big game in the quarter finals against Leighton Bennett. After a very tight game Leighton booked his place in the semi-finals.

A very strong semi-final saw Leighton Bennett against Luke Littler and the other semi-final saw two upcoming quality pairing of Sussex’s Archie Self taking on Hertfordshire’s Thomas Banks, with Archie going through 4-2. In the other semi semi-final Luke and Leighton didn’t disappoint with Leighton edging it 4-3.

The final didn’t disappoint and the score line may suggest a one sided affair but it was far from as both players pushed each other to the limit with Leighton winning 5-0 with a 29.13 (87.39) and Archie with a 24.98 (74.94).

In the girls knock out produced some great games which were no surprise with the quality on show. In the quarters Paige Pauling narrowly missed out going down 3-2 to Ella Williams, Lauren Stokoe who thankfully didn’t come off her scooter the day before and made this event which was the reason she missed out at Derby went down 3-2 to Amy Evens. The Battle of the O’Connor’s saw Krystal coming out triumphant against sister Emmie 3-0. The final game saw Hannah Meek defeating Eleanor Cairns 3-2. In the semi-finals saw another close game with Amy Evans booking her place in the final after edging out Ella Williams 3-2. In the other semi-final saw Hannah Meek book her place alongside Amy after a 3-0 win over Krystal. The final was a good close which saw all the legs seeing who could hold their nerve and hit them doubles first which proved to be Amy who came out victorious winning her first ever competition 3-1.

A massive thank you to all who was with us to make it a great day and to the Club for having us, also I must say a big thank you to Cliff O’Connor for his help during the day.

Next up is 15th August at the Coppenhall WMC in Crewe, Cheshire so let’s hope we get another great turn out.

Main GP Result from Knock out,

Eleanor Cairns 0-3 George Ripley

Archie Self 3-1 Jason Meek

Joshua Bean 3-2 Hannah Meek

Cole Davey 1-3 Thomas Banks

Evan Willoughby 3-0 Harvey Stringer

Luke Littler 3-2 Jenson Walker

Leighton Bennett 3-1 Cayden Smith

Tavis Dudeney 3-0 Reece Pauling

Quarter finals

George Ripley 1-3 Archie Self

Joshua Bean 2-3 Thomas Banks

Evan Willoughby 1-3 Luke Littler

Leighton Bennett 3-1 Tavis Dudeney


Archie Self 4-2 Thomas Banks

Luke Littler 3-4 Leighton Bennett


Archie Self 0-5 Leighton Bennett

Girls knockout,

Rosie O’Connor 1-3 Eleanor Cairns

Ashleigh Turner 1-3 Hannah Meek

Quarter finals

Paige Pauling 2-3 Ella Williams

Lauren Stokoe 2-3 Amy Evans

Emmie O’Connor 0-3 Krystal O’Connor

Eleanor Cairns 2-3 Hannah Meek


Ella Williams 2-3 Amy Evans

Krystal O’Connor 0-3 Hannah Meek


Amy Evens 3-1 Hannah Meek

Fantastic news from the World Darts Federation that this year’s World Championships at the Lakeside will include a Girls World Championship on stage at the famous Lakeside Country Club, the “Home” of darts.

Whilst it took 23 years before the value of the Ladies in our sport was recognised, it has taken 44 years for the girls to have the opportunity of becoming a World Champion.

I would like to personally thank all at the World Darts Federation, in particular Deta Hedman who has lobbied the powers at be for this well overdue recognition, and a recognition which finally means our darts encompasses all ages and all genders of our sport.
Thanks also to Richard Ashdown and Nick Rolls, for being the liaison between the executive and the countries of which England’s feels they made a significant contribution to this “Historical and Unique” initiative.

England’s Youth Grand Prix will be a qualifier for the Girls World Championships in 2022 and with 6 events still in the calendar, and open to all and any girls under the age of 18, this really is a chance of a lifetime, and open accessible through England Darts.
The first of these events is being held this coming Sunday at Tamworth and the online entry is open through the England website goto online services.
Venue Address Belgrave Sports & Social Club - Wilnecote Lane - Belgrave - Tamworth B77 2LF
Register 10.30 - 11.30am.
Tamworth 09

andy fordhamIt is with deep sadness that we have to report that former England International, Andy Fordham has passed away earlier today.

Everyone involved with England Darts passes on their condolences to Jenny, their children and grandchildren.

Andy represented England 34 times and recorded 21 victories, he also played in six WDF World Cups and three WDF Europe Cups and he was part of the1995 record breaking England World Cup team that won every Gold Medal, Andy won the pairs with Martin Adams.

When Andy was in a darting venue you always knew where he was as he would be surrounded by fans and players alike and the area would be full of laughter.

The darting world, literally all over the world will be mourning one of our game's greatest characters today and there will be some great memories and tributes for him.

Andy, it was a pleasure to have known you and someone who I will always remember fondly.

RIP Andy ‘The Viking’ Fordham.

Peter Melton

We are sorry to announce that the Cleveland Youth Grand Prix that was due to take place in Thornaby has been cancelled.

On Sunday 1st August, England will hold two Youth Grand Prix events, one in Tamworth, Staffordshire and one in Thornaby Cleveland. Both these events will carry a £300 prize fund and both will enable players to gain ranking points in their quest to qualify for the England National Youth Grand Finals in Cambridgeshire, along with the possibility of being awarded places in the World Darts Federations World Masters, and World Championship Grand Finals held at the Lakeside in early January 2022.
England darts are the only organisation which uniquely caters for boys and girls events in separate sections for qualification into World Events sanctioned by the World Darts Federation.
All players under 18 are welcome whatever affiliations they may have, whether they are current members or just wanting to come along and test their abilities on a one off.
Entry for both events can be made through the England Website online services tab, and can be completed quite easily. The Discounts for membership have been made automatic, with the proviso that any youth players can become a member prior to entering the events to also receive the discounted entry and entry into the monthly prize draw.

Double Posters 01.08.21

England Darts has been informed that there has been positive covid tests from the venue of the Youth Grand Prix in Derby last weekend.

England Darts has a duty of care to the children and parents who support our events; therefor we are cancelling this coming weekends Youth Grand Prix at Poole.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, but like all community activities, protecting the health and welfare of the children, has and always will be our overriding concern, especially with our children having no protection from vaccinations.

We will refund all entry fees from the event, and hope to organise in conjunction with the management of the club in Poole for an alternative date.

Please keep safe everyone, until we can meet up again.

Thanks for your concerns
Tommy Thompson
Chairman England Darts Organisation 08.07.21

The 2nd event in this year’s England Youth Grand Prix moves to Poole in Dorset this coming Sunday, at the Branksome & Upper Parkstone Conservative Club.

The event is open to all youth players under 18, and features separate sections for boys and girls as well as a mixed event all on a round robin basis, so all the kids have several games on the day, rather than a straight Knock-out.
The Grand Prix is an ideal opportunity, for all youth players to start on their darts careers, and making new and lasting friendships through a family based darts environment.

There is £300 prize money on offer at each event, and the opportunity to progress to the all England Grand Finals of the Youth Grand Prix later in the year.
The England Youth Grand Prix, is a qualifier for the World Darts Federations, World Masters and World Championship.

The Grand Prix performances are used as part of the selection procedures for inclusion into the England National Team for the British Internationals, to be held in April 2022.
Dorset 11

confirmed entry form17

England Darts invites all dart players to the fabulous White Horse complex at Bunn Leisure, in Selsey, for the World Iconic England Open.

The event caters for all standards of players from the ambitious of our sport, where success will guarantee a stage position in the 2022 World Darts Federations World Championships, along with qualification to the World Masters in December, to the occasional fun players who just love the atmosphere and camaraderie of meeting up with old friends, and love to play in Pairs and mixed events, to the up and coming stars of the future, our youth players starting their careers amongst some of the legends of our sport. Truly a darts for everyone, and the most enjoyable event in the darts calendar, for young and old alike.

Please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment, as many of our fellow countrymen are choosing holidays at home rather than abroad this year, so accommodation is at a premium.

Entries for all events can be made through our New Website goto online services tab, for members there is the usual discounted fee, and for non-members there is an opportunity of becoming a member and reducing the entry fees subject to T & C’s.

9th September 2021 (Thursday) British Men's Pentathlon
10th September 2021 (Friday) England National Singles Men's & Ladies Opens
11th September 2021 (Saturday) England Open Men's, Ladies and Youth
11th September 2021 (Saturday) England Open Mixed 4’s
12th September 2021 (Sunday) England Open Men's and Ladies Pairs
12th September 2021 (Sunday) Stage Televised Open and National Singles Grand Finals.

Yesterday saw the first event of the 2021 England Youth Grand Prix Season take place at the Cueball Club in Derbyshire. After over 15 months without a face-to-face Darts Event ran by England Darts this was a welcome return to a more normal (and non online based) competitive action!
With the first 6 months lost due the pandemic, unfortunately clashes were always going to happen and a few of our events have clashed with the JDC calendar with their events also catering for youth it does lower attendance figures and we hope that next year this will not be the case to give Youth players the opportunity to play in all Youth Systems/Tours which will only widen the opportunities available!
Tavis Dudeney (Sussex) took the Mixed Title with a 5-3 win over impressive ''Miss Dynamite'' Eleanor Cairns (Lancashire) who became only the second girl to reach one of the Mixed Finals since the inception of the England Youth Grand Prix. Losing semi finalists were Nottinghamshire's Oliver Wilson & Suffolk's Harvey Stringer both debuting in our events.
In the girls event Eleanor Cairns capped a fine day with a 3-0 over Sussex player Ashleigh Turner in the final, losing semi finalists were Emmie O'Connor (Warwickshire) & Amy Evans (Clywd Youth & Cheshire Seniors). Originally we had another two players in the draw with one unable to play through injury and the other having to isolate, so on behalf of England Darts hope you recover from your injury soon Lauren Stokoe and we hope to welcome back Krystal O'Connor at the Dorset event next weekend.
Points Tables and England Youth Event Rankings will be posted after the Dorset Grand Prix next weekend, they Rankings and Points Tables will be starting from fresh after over a year elapsing between our last events. The England Youth Rankings are now separate for Events and County Youth.
Next Sunday sees the Dorset Grand Prix take place at Branksome & Upper Parkstone Conservative Club in Poole and will be the first Southern Regional Event, but is open to all players who were Under 18 at the turn of the year. We currently have 10 player registered with the Entries closing on Saturday at 2pm, please make sure you select the correct tournament ''Dorset Youth Grand Prix'' when entering the event! The Dorset Event will be run by Dan Perry and Dave Dudeney so any questions about the event please contact them .
If you have any questions in general you are also welcome to contact myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Hope to see you all back at event without restrictions soon! Bradley Kirk
Derbyshire mixed finalistsDerbyshire Girls Finalists
England Darts sends their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Colin McClements who sadly passed away on Saturday 26th June 2021. Colin an executive of Scottish Darts was well known throughout the sport of darts, and was ever present at most of the events officiating at the top table collating the statistics for our TV Major World Championships and Ranking events, as well as officiating with the Scottish International Teams, at British, Europe and World Championships around the world. Another of the unsung heroes of our sport. R.I.P Colin you will be sadly missed. Tommy Thompson

England Darts will be holding a Trial for places in the British Internationals Championships to be held 1st - 3rd April, 2022. The member counties have the opportunity of entering 1 Man and 1 lady free of charge into the event as part of their membership T & C's.
Ending Soon
The deadline for this opportunity terminates on 30th June 2021.
County Nominations should be sent into England Darts by County Officials and confirmation will be sent to each county.
The event is open to all players of English Nationality (except.128 Tour Card Holders)
The event also offers qualification into the WDF World Masters and World Championships.
For players not nominated by their Counties entry can be made through the England Website, (online services) members discounts apply again T & Cs apply.

Derby 04The 2021 England Youth Grand Prix series of events starts at the Cueball Club, Mansfield Road Derby DE21 4AW,
on Sunday 4th July.

The events comprise of a Round Robin Group system, with the winners qualifying for the knock-out stages of the events. The Robin Robin Groups are mixed, but the knock-out stages are separated into a Boys and Girls section championships, with point allocations towards the Grand Finals.

The number of events in the series has had to be reduced due to the Covid restrictions, despite these event reductions we are pleased to announce that our team of organisers have been able to secure the National Youth Grand Finals to be held at the GER Sports Club in March, Cambridgeshire on 14th November 2021.

A slight change in the process of entry this year, with our new website providing an online facility for all the events, please visit and the online services tab on the information bar.

This online process will enable the organisers to prepare the actual draw sheets for the events, prior to the players arriving at the venues.

Youth England members receive entry fee reductions at Youth Grand Prix events as well as entry into the monthly prize draws. Youth memberships will also entitle discounts on the senior England Ranking events for the very first time.

You can join the membership scheme through online services, as above.

Next Event: 11th July  at The Branksome & Upper Parkstone Conservative Club, 271 Ashley Road  Poole, Dorset BH14  9DS

England Darts new Online Event Entry facility is now open for business.

Players are now able to complete entry and payments to The England Open Darts Festival to be held during 10th – 12th September 2021 at the Bunn Leisure White Horse Complex in Selsey West Sussex.

The England Open event is sanction by the W.D.F as a Gold Ranked Tournament with the winner of both the Men's and Ladies Championships gaining direct entry into stage finals of the W.D.F World Championships to be held in the new year.

For players who are already members of England there is an opportunity of securing discounts on all 4 singles championships during the Festival, alternatively players can become members before they place their entries and receive the same discounts. A full list of events and entry criteria can be found on the Event Information Page.

The England International Men’s and Ladies Trials for inclusion into the England International Team at the British Internationals will be available for entry from Wednesday 26th May at 20:00.

The event will be held in conjunction with the iconic British Open on Friday 15th October, 2021 at the Spa in Bridlington.

The two winners in addition will qualify for the WDF World Championships and World Masters to be held in December 2021. Discounts will apply for England members.

Online Youth international (Friendly)

History was made recently when the youth teams of England, Scotland and Wales played each other in the first ever British International Youth Online Challenge and whilst the main object was to give the youth players a different opportunity during the pandemic, we were delighted to see England take the title.

As this was deemed a great success for the youths, we are now pleased to announce that England have arranged Online Youth International Friendlies against both Russia and Hungary.

The first of these, International Friendlies will be played this Sunday when England and Russia will play a match, based on the four person teams that is played as part of the WDF World and Europe Cups, it will see each player playing all four players in the opposing team over just one leg of 501.

The England Team is made up of four players who played in the British International Youth Challenge and a further four players who will be representing England for the first time.

The girls team will be spearheaded by Beau Greaves who has an incredible record for England youth, having played a record breaking eight matches in the youth British Internationals, winning all eight matches, plus two further wins in the recent online challenge matches. She will be joined in the team by the new England Darts Diamond League Champion, Lauren Stokoe. Diamond League Runner Up Eleanor Cairns and Diamond League semi-finalist Rosie O’Connor make up the girls team.

Three of the Boys, Tavis Dudeney, Luke Littler and Nathan Potter all played for England in the recent Youth Challenge and they will be joined by Leo Beechey who will be making his first online appearance for England. Luke is the current Diamond League and Online GP champion, Tavis and Nathan are already seasoned regular players in senior County darts and Nathan started his International career with a 180 in his very first throw, Leo joins the team as he showed consistent performances in the Online GP and Diamond League events recently.

We wish them all the very best of luck against Russia.

Congratulations to the England team on winning the British International Youth Challenge match over the weekend with a 5-1 win over Wales and a 4-2 win over Scotland.

England 2 2 0 0 9 3 4 +6
Scotland 2 0 1 1 5 7 1 -2
Wales 2 0 1 1 4 8 1 -4


It has been great to see players from all three Countries have the opportunity to represent their Countries, for some it will be their last appearances for the Youths and for others it will be the start of their International career.

We thank all the officials who have put in a lot of work to make this weekend happen. For England the next weekends will see them play online matches against Hungary and Russia.


20/03/2021 Brad Phillips 3-4 Kyle Walker 0 1
20/03/2021 Tavis Dudeney 4-0 Josef Honeyman 1 0
20/03/2021 Shannon Reeves 0-4 Chloe O'Brien 0 1
21/03/2021 Beau Greaves 4-0 Sophie McKinlay 1 0
21/03/2021 Nathan Potter 4-3 Josh Leitch 1 0
21/03/2021 Luke Littler 4-0 Dean Fitch 1 0
     4 2


20/03/2021 Chloe O'Brien 4-0 Stacey Davies 1 0
20/03/2021 Josh Leitch 4-1 Liam Butler 1 0
20/03/2021 Josef Honeyman 3-4 Cole Davey 0 1
21/03/2021 Sophie McKinlay 4-1 Ffion Leigh-James 1 0
21/03/2021 Dean Fitch 2-4 Ieuan Halsall 0 1
21/03/2021 Kyle Walker 1-4 Connor Hopkins 0 1
     3 3


20/03/2021 Stacey Davies 0-4 Shannon Reeves 0 1
20/03/2021 Cole Davey 1-4 Luke Littler 0 1
20/03/2021 Ieuan Halsall 3-4 Brad Phillips 0 1
21/03/2021 Liam Butler 0-4 Nathan Potter 0 1
21/03/2021 Connor Hopkins 4-1 Tavis Dudeney 1 0
21/03/2021 Ffion Leigh-James 0-4 Beau Greaves 0 1
     1 5


England Darts are delighted to announce their Youth Team Squads for the forthcoming Youth International Friendlies versus Russia and Hungary.

On Sunday 11th April England Youth will play Russia in a WDF Team Format match, which consists of a Best of 17 leg match where each player plays each player in the opposing team over one leg (similar to the Six Nations format but just with 4 players).

The second International friendly sees England Youth take on Hungary Youth on Saturday 17th April. this will see an expanded format used in the British Internationals with 8 boys and 4 girls from each side taking part in this match.

The side for this match was selected from those who had competed in the Online Grand Prix Series and Diamond League Qualifiers and focuses on those mainly outside the England Youth side and those who may be involved in future years.

These matches will be steamed live on the England YouTube channel by TC Streams and while Full International  Caps won't be awarded, players will be awarded Official Online Caps.

Youth Official Bradley Kirk states 'It is a great opportunity for these youngsters who have been supporting our events in these testing times. With the possibility of WDF International Events later in the year and lack of recent information to select the teams we have felt its important to provide Youth with opportunities as laid out in the Online Grand Prix Series, Diamond League and these Youth International Friendlies. it is important we continue to provide these opportunities and look to develop youth players to continue to compete on the world stage and part of this is looking at younger players and giving them pathways for the future and this is illustrated by the young squad we have picked for the Hungary match which includes the likes of Lauren Stokoe, Lewis Mayes,  Archie Self and Olly Raywood who are all at different stages of their development and all have the potential to make the full England Team in future years.'

2021 youth england v russia2021 youth england v hungary
Eleanor Cairns (Lancashire) Leo Beechey (Buckinghamshire) Eleanor Cairns (Lancashire) Leo Beechey (Buckinghamshire)
Beau Greaves (Yorkshire) Tavis Dudeney (Sussex) Amy Evans (Clwyd Youth/Cheshire Seniors) Nathan Bell (County Durham)
Rosie O'Connor (Warwickshire) Luke Littler (Merseyside Youth/Cheshire Seniors) Rosie O'Connor (Warwickshire) Tavis Dudeney (Sussex)
Lauren Stokoe (County Durham) Nathan Potter (Suffolk Youth/Norfolk Seniors) Lauren Stokoe (County Durham) Luke Littler (Merseyside Youth/Cheshire Seniors)

      Lewis Mayes (County Durham)
Olly Raywood (Humberside)
Archie Self (Berkshire)
Evan Willoughby (Berkshire)


diamond darts finalsThe qualifying rounds of the England Youth Diamond Darts League sponsored by Montagu Properties Services have been completed with the successful 8 boys and 6 girls moving into a round robin league format starting on Friday 5th March and continuing throughout March until the top 4 boys and girls take part in the event Grand finals on 27th March.


All the matches will be streamed on the England Darts YouTube Channel by TCStreams.


Full details of times and players’ schedules will be released in the next 24 hours.


Once again England’s ongoing commitment to youth darts is highlighted by yet another unique tournament supporting both boys and girls.


Our sincere thanks to the main sponsor Montagu Properties Services and the many donations from dart players and supporters, without which, the events would not be possible, once again a massive well done to our superb England Youth officials.

Everyone at England Darts are pleased to see the launch of the new England website. Many people have put a lot of work into the site and will continue to do so, but the new site wouldn’t have been possible without the planning and setting up done by David Ballantine who has put in many hours behind the scenes. Thank you David.

There are still some items to be added to the new site, but the old site is still available and will remain available until all the relevant information has been transferred. Just go to the archive button above.

At a meeting this week of the Executives of the 6 Nations International Darts Championships, as a result of the ongoing health implications from the Covid 19 Virus and the continuing possibility of travel restriction still affecting the countries, it is in the best interest of our players welfare, that it is unrealistic to attempt to hold the event in June this year. Therefore the event will be cancelled for 2021, and re-scheduled in Scotland in 2022.

Rick CousinsToday England has received the devastating news that our friend and colleague Rick Cousins has passed away. Rick was a truly lovely guy, he was an integral and irreplaceable part of England Darts, one of the unsung heroes of our Organisation, who behind the scenes set up the venues with our small group, was available for all of the jobs that needed to be done during the duration of the events.

All this apart Vic, Greg, myself and the other Directors had so much fun and banter with Rick in the days of event preparation and shared lots of evenings together at the bar after the day's work had finished, sharing darts and family stories, just so much fun.

I know I speak for everyone in England Darts, this is one of the saddest days in the history of our Organisation, losing such a diamond of a person like Ricky Cousins.

We send our sincere condolences to his wife Sandra and all of their family and friends in the UK and Japan.

Tommy Thompson

Chairman - England Darts

Rhoda HarbyOn behalf of England Darts we would like to send our condolences to the family of former England International, Rhoda Harby who sadly passed away on Monday.

Rhoda played twice for England, winning against Wales but losing against Scotland.

At the time Rhoda played for England she was playing her County darts for Hampshire, who she played for 147 times over a 25 year period. Rhoda also played for Avon and Dorset, without doubt there will be many of her friends that will be sad tonight but recalling many happy memories of their time with her.

RIP Rhoda.