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England Classic Mens Singles : 161   England Masters Mens Singles : 108   Mens Pairs : 54
England Classic Ladies Singles : 53       England Masters Ladies Singles : 33      Ladies Pairs : 20
Mixed Fours : 5   England Classic Boys Singles : 14   England Classic Girls Singles : 0   

To see a list of players entered CLICK HERE   (31st August)


29th July


On behalf of the EDO and myself (Howard Miller) I take great pleasure in announcing that Pokerstars have this week agreed to continue their headline sponsorship of the Isle of Man Darts Festival , not just for 2017 but also 2018!

Especially after everything that happened last year, just having the words largest online Poker card room company headlining the event was great, more so as without doubt they represent the biggest name ever to get involved with our side of darts, but to now have their involvement confirmed again and for the next two years as well is brilliant news for us all. We are thankful, not just for their actual financial sponsorship, though of course that's extremely welcome but equally for the way they embraced the event generally.

From their attitude, general support, POS they supplied, the videos they gave us and more particularly the way their staff (nearly 50 of them) supported the finals day during which they really threw themselves into it's great to have you on board.

I know they have their HQ on the IOM and support a lot that goes on within the island but his deal though fitting in with that general philosophy also hopefully endorses the fact as it should be, that we all did things properly and returned them as good an ROI as we could.

So a huge thank you to Pokerstars for continuing with their headlining role and who now join, IOM Event services, the Steam Packet Ferry Company, One80 Darts and of course to Gary and particularly Wayne Taylor, my dear friends at Darts Corner the biggest and best online retail shop in the world as co-sponsor, we genuinely couldn't have better people on board.






Isle of Man Darts Festival 2017 Press Release


The EDO are pleased to confirm that their contract with the IOM Government has been extended for a further two years because of which we can now announce that the 9th - 12th March will be the dates for the 2017 Pokerstars IOM International Festival of darts.

With our associated sponsors, Darts Corner, CM Event Services, Steam Packet Ferry Company and One80darts on board the Festival will again carry in excess of 30,000 in prize money including two ranking events for men and ladies.

David Chetney MLC Department Member responsible for tourism said after the news was confirmed "Following a fantastic festival in March, IOM Tourism is really looking forward to working alongside the EDO and Howard Miller for the next two years and to take the IOM Festival from strength to strength."

Though there will probably be a couple of changes, couple of little tweaks these will all be announced shortly once all confirmed.

Tommy Thompson, Chairman of the EDO commented "With so many disappointments in our system this year, we are absolutely delighted to share this great news. We are also further delighted the IOM Government were impressed enough with what we all achieved this year in what was a very short lead in period, to extend our deal for another two years as was originally the intention.

Judging by the wonderful comments and feedback following this years festival which saw nearly 900 players and spectators attend the event it was also nice for us to demonstrate to everyone that we were the right people to move the event forward and in doing so honour the wonderful legacy that Les and Stephen France gave to the event."

Howard Millerfestival promoter added " Our aim is just to make the festival as enjoyable as possible and my thanks go out to the IOM Government for trusting us to make that happen, the staff at the Marina for all their help and hard work, John Denny and the IOMDO players for all getting behind the event and all the EDO Officials whose expertise made everything run so smoothly in March.

Full details and entry forms should be out in the next few weeks.



21st July


The England Girls took the overall title at the recent Europe Cup in Hungary, Beau Greaves won the singles title and this included a win over team mate Danielle Ashton in the quarter finals. In the pairs Beau and Danielle came runners up.

 2016 Youth Europe Cup

Beau Greaves

 2016 Europe Cup Singles Champion

2016 England Europe Cup Youth Team Danielle Ashton & Beau Greaves

2016 Europe Cup Champions

The England boys finished in fifth place overall all in the event. In the singles Dan Perry, Owen Maiden and Tyler Radlett all reached the last sixteen and Jimmy Bristow got to the last thirty-two. In the pairs Dan & Owen reached the quarter finals and Tyler & Jimmy went out in the last sixteen. In the team event the boys finished runners up in their group but then lost in the quarter finals.

Four of the six players were making their debuts at this level and hopefully they will gain a lot from the experience, Team Manager Vic Sexton said "Everyone played their hearts out."


19th July

2016 Europe Cup

The England teams  for the Europe Cup have been selected and the Board of Directors and Selectors would like to wish all the players the very best of luck in Holland.

  2016 Europe Cup Teams   
Ladies Team   Mens Team
Trina Gulliver   Glen Durrant
Deta Hedman   Jamie Hughes
Fallon Sherrock   Mark McGeeney
Lorraine Winstanley   Scott Mitchell

10th July

 2016 Youth Europe Cup

The England youth teams are travelling to Hungary for the 2016 Europe Cup being played from the 13th -17th July in Budapest.

The Countries competing are :

Boys : Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland,  Turkey & Wales. (17 teams)

Girls : Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sweden & Turkey. (13 teams)

The England teams are : 

2016 Girls Team
Danielle Ashton   Lancashire
Beau Greaves   Yorkshire  
2016 Boys Team
Daniel Perry     Hampshire
Jimmy Bristow   Bristol Youth
Owen Maiden   West Midlands
Tyler Radlett   Surrey


24th - 26th June

 2016  Six Nations Cup in Sligo, Republic of Ireland


England ladies totally dominate their competition and romp to the title with a 5-0 whitewash over Wales in the final. The Men have also beaten their Welsh opponents 13-8 to complete a memorable double.

In the semi finals of the team event our Ladies beat the Republic of Ireland 5-0 and the men beat Scotland 13-10, whilst in the ladies singles Deta Hedman beat Lisa Ashton 5-3 in the final and in the Mens Scott Mitchell beat Wesley Harms.


2016 Six Nations Champions

Mens Final





1 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Jim Williams
2 Dennis Harbour    0-1 Martin Phillips
3 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Wayne Warren    
4 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Mark Layton
5 James Hurrell 1-0 Nick Kenny
6 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Mark Layton
7 Mark McGeeney 0-1 Nick Kenny
8 James Hurrell 1-0 Jim Williams
9 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Martin Phillips
10 Dennis Harbour    0-1 Wayne Warren
11 James Hurrell 1-0 Martin Phillips
12 Jamie Hughes 0-1 Wayne Warren
13 Dennis Harbour    0-1 Mark Layton
14 Scott Mitchell 0-1 Nick Kenny
15 Mark McGeeney 0-1 Jim Williams
16 Dennis Harbour    0-1 Nick Kenny
17 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Jim Williams
18 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Martin Phillips
19 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Mark Layton  
20 James Hurrell 1-0 Wayne Warren
21 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Martin Phillips
22 Jamie Hughes   Nick Kenny
23 James Hurrell   Mark Layton
24 Dennis Harbour    Jim Williams
25 Mark McGeeney   Wayne Warren


2016 Ladies Six Nations Champions


Ladies Final





     1      Lisa Ashton 1-0 Rhian Edwards
2 Deta Hedman 1-0 Katie Bellerby
3 Lorraine Winstanley    1-0 Rhian Griffiths
4 Deta Hedman 1-0 Rhian Edwards    
5 Lorraine Winstanley    1-0 Katie Bellerby
6 Lisa Ashton   Rhian Griffiths
7 Deta Hedman   Rhian Griffiths
8 Lorraine Winstanley      Rhian Edwards
9 Lisa Ashton   Katie Bellerby




Mens Semi Final





     1      Scott Mitchell 1-0 Steve Mitchell
2 James Hurrell 0-1 Ross Montgomery   
3 Dennis Harbour    1-0 Steve Ritchie
4 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Craig Quinn
5 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Alan Soutar
6 Dennis Harbour 1-0 Craig Quinn
7 Jamie Hughes 0-1 Alan Soutar
8 Mark McGeeney 0-1 Steve Mitchell
9 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Ross Montgomery
10 James Hurrell 1-0 Steve Ritchie
11 Mark McGeeney 0-1 Ross Montgomery   
12 Scott Mitchell 0-1 Steve Ritchie
13 James Hurrell 1-0 Craig Quinn
14 Dennis Harbour    0-1 Alan Soutar
15 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Steve Mitchell
16 James Hurrell 0-1 Alan Soutar
17 Dennis Harbour    0-1 Steve Mitchell
18 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Ross Montgomery 
19 Scott Mitchell 0-1 Craig Quinn
20 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Steve Ritchie
21 Dennis Harbour 1-0 Ross Montgomery
22 Scott Mitchell 0-1 Alan Soutar
23 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Craig Quinn
24 James Hurrell   Steve Mitchell
25 Jamie Hughes   Steve Ritchie




Ladies Semi Final




Republic of Ireland

     1      Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Olive McIntyre
2 Lisa Ashton 1-0 Robyn Byrne
3 Deta Hedman 1-0 Linda Harte
4 Lisa Ashton 1-0 Olive McIntyre
5 Deta Heman 1-0 Robyn Byrne




England men bounced back from a narrow defeat against the Republic of Ireland last night to convincingly beat Wales 13-5. We now have to wait for the result of the Republic v Wales match to see where they finish in the group.


Play has started in the 2016 Ladies event with England beating Northern Ireland 9-0 and the Netherlands 7-2 to win the Group and move into Sundays semi final. The men started their defence of the title they won last year in Belfast against hosts Republic of Ireland, unfortunately losing 12-13. Saturday will see them playing Wales knowing only a win will be good enough to progress to the semi finals.

The England teams are :

Ladies : Lisa Ashton, Deta Hedman & Lorraine Winstanley

Mens : Dennis Harbour, Jamie Hughes, James Hurrell, Mark McGeeney & Scott Mitchell



Ladies Group 1

England Score Netherlands      Northern Ireland    Score England
Lisa Ashton 1-0 Anca Zijlstra      1      Kayleigh O'Neill 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Lorraine Winstanley   1-0 Sharon Prins 2 Grace Crane 0-1 Deta Hedman
Deta Hedman 0-1 Aileen de Graaf   3 Gail Mullen 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley  
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Anca Zijlstra 4 Grace Crane 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Deta Hedman 1-0 Sharon Prins 5 Gail Mullen 0-1 Deta Hedman
Lisa Ashton 0-1 Aileen de Graaf   6 Kayleigh O'Neill 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Lorraine Winstanley 1-0 Aileen de Graaf 7 Gail Mullen 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Deta Hedman 1-0 Anca Zijlstra 8 Grace Crane 0-1 Lisa Ashton
Lisa Ashton 1-0 Sharon Prins 9 Kayleigh O'Neill 0-1 Deta Hedman
  7-2        0-9  


Mens Group 2

Republic of Ireland    Score England   England Score Wales   
Thomas Concannon 0-1 Mark McGeeney      1      James Hurrell 1-0 Jim Williams
Michael Meaney 0-1 Scott Mitchell 2 Scott Mitchell 0-1 Nick Kenny
Dave O'Connor 1-0 Dennis Harbour 3 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Wayne Warren
Stephen Lennon 0-1 James Hurrell 4 Dennis Harbour 1-0 Mark Layton
John Flood 0-1 Jamie Hughes 5 Mark McGeeney 0-1 Martin Phillip
Dave O'Connor 0-1 James Hurrell 6 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Mark Layton
Stephen Lennon 0-1 Jamie Hughes 7 Dennis Harbour 1-0 Martin Phillips
John Flood 1-0 Mark McGeeney 8 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Jim Williams
Thomas Concannon 1-0 Scott Mitchell 9 James Hurrell 0-1 Nick Kenny
Michael Meaney 1-0 Dennis Harbour 10 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Wayne Warren
John Flood 1-0 Scott Mitchell 11 Mark McGeeney 1-0 Nick Kenny
Thomas Concannon 1-0 Dennis Harbour 12 James Hurrell 0-1 Wayne Warren
Michael Meaney 1-0 James Hurrell 13 Scott Mitchell 1-0 Mark Layton
Dave O'Connor 1-0 Jamie Huges 14 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Martin Phillips
Stephen Lennon 1-0 Mark McGeeney 15 Dennis Harbour   1-0 Jim Williams
Michael Meaney 0-1 Jamie Hughes 16 Scott Mitchell 0-1 Martin Philips
Dave O'Connor 0-1 Mark McGeeney 17 Jamie Hughes 1-0 Jim Williams
Stephen Lennon 1-0 Scott Mitchell 18 Dennis Hrbour 1-0 Nick Kenny
Thomas Concannon 1-0 James Hurrell 19 James Hurrell   Mark Layton
John Flood 0-1 Dennis Harbour    20 Mark McGeeney   Wayne Warren
Dave O'Connor 0-1 Scott Mitchell 21 Jamie Hughes   Nick Kenny
Thomas Concannon 0-1 Jamie Hughes 22 James Hurrell   Martin Phillips
John Flood 1-0 James Hurrell 23 Mark McGeeney   Mark Layton
Michael Meaney 0-1 Mark McGeeney 24 Scott Mitchell   Jim Williams
Stephen Lennon 1-0 Dennis Harbour 25 Dennis Harbour   Wayne Warren
  13-12       13-5  




19th June




2016 England Open Champions

Deta Hedman

England Open Champion

Beau Greaves

Girls Youth Champion

Glen Durrant

England Open Champion

Deta Hedman

England National Champion


Deta Hedman

100 Ranking titles


Gary Robson

England National Champion

Lorraine Winstanley &

Anastasia Dobromyslova

Ladies Pairs Champions


Alex Gurr

Boys Youth Champion

Darius Labanauskas &

Madars Razma

Mens Pairs Champions

    Av Score Av  
Ladies National Singles Semi Final Deta Hedman 26.29 5-4 26.97 Fallon Sherrock
Ladies National Singles Semi Final Lorraine Winstanley   26.65 4-5 26.79 Lisa Ashton

Mens National Singles Semi Final

Paul Harvey 26.60 2-6 26.10 Gary Robson
Mens National Singles Semi Final Scott Mitchell 28.70 4-6 29.55 Dennis Harbour
Ladies England Open Semi Final Deta Hedman 26.39 5-4 24.26 Anastasia Dobromyslova  
Ladies England Open Semi Final Aileen de Graaf 26.39 5-2 25.37 Trina Gulliver
Mens Open Semi Final Glen Durrant 31.37 6-4 31.18 Wayne Warren
Mens Open Semi Final Scott Mitchell 31.06 3-6 32.15 Conan Whitehead
Ladies Pairs Final Deta Hedman &

Rachel Brooks

22.59 2-3 22.10 Lorraine Winstanley &

Anastasia Dobromyslova

Mens Pairs Final Darius Labanauskas

& Madars Razma

31.31 3-0 29.00 Ritchie Edwards

& Rhys Griffin

Girls Youth Final Amy Collins 16.97 0-3 22.10 Beau Greaves
Boys Youth Final Alex Gurr 21.80 3-1 19.34 Adam Howard
Ladies National Singles Final Deta Hedman 28.14 5-4 26.86 Lisa Ashton
Mens National Singles Final Gary Robson 27.58 6-0 27.18 Dennis Harbour
Ladies England Open Singles Final    Deta Hedman 30.01 5-2 27.29 Aileen de Graaf
Mens England Open Singles Final Glen Durrant 29.18 6-3 28.24 Conan Whitehead


     2016 England Open Weekend     
  Mens England Open   




Ladies England Open   





Click on the respective

 event to see the draws






National Singles




  National Singles   

18th June


Mixed Fours winners : Rhys Griffin, Kieran Smith, Danielle Ashton & Lee Sherwan



The Mens and Ladies England Opens have reached the semi final stage, click on the links below to see the full results.



     Mens England Open Draw              Ladies England Open Draw      

 Semi Finals (played Sunday)

Ladies : Deta Hedman v Anastasia Dobromyslova & Aileen de Graaf v Trina Gulliver

Mens : Glen Durrant v Wayne Warren & Scott Mitchell v Conan Whitehead


17th June

The Mens and Ladies England National Singles will be played today (Friday), starting at 6pm. Entries are being taken until 4pm in the venue. The draws will be posted on here once they are done.



     Mens England National Singles Draw              Ladies England National Singles Draw      

 Semi Finals (played Sunday)

Ladies : Deta Hedman v Fallon Sherrock  &  Lorraine Winstanley v Lisa Ashton

Mens : Paul Harvey v Gary Robson & Scott Mitchell v Dennis Harbour





17th to 19th June 2016


To Enter Online CLICK HERE

England Open Mens Singles : 538   National Singles Mens Singles : 341     Mens Pairs : 183
England Open Ladies Singles : 134     National Singles Ladies Singles : 54     Ladies Pairs : 58
Mixed Fours : 29   England Open Boys Singles : 38   England Open Girls Singles : 5    

To see a list of players entered CLICK HERE   (17th June)

16th June

Entries for the Mens and Lades England Open singles events are now closed, final checks are being made and the draws will be posted on here Thursday night.

Entries to all the other events will still be taken on site at Bunn Leisure, the Mens and Ladies England National Singles Open events start at 6pm on Friday 17th, entries will close at 4pm on site.


31st May

Get your entries in now

At midnight tonight the entry fees for the respective England Open singles events will increase by 5, To Enter Online CLICK HERE

The closing date for entries for the England Open Mens and Ladies Singles is midnight on 15th June, any players who are not entered by the closing date will not be included in the draw, there will be no exceptions. The draws for both singles will be made on Thursday 16th June and publlshed on this site.

Entries for the Mens and Ladies National Singles will be taken until 4pm on 17th June at the venue.

Entries for the respective pairs, fours and the youths will be taken at the venue, however it will greatly assist us if people can enter asap.

25h May

The venues for the regional play-offs for the Winmau World Masters can be seen by CLICKING HERE

17th May

The England teams selected to play in the Six Nations in Sligo, Ireland on the 24th to 26th June are :


  2016 England Six Nations Teams   

Ladies   Mens
Lisa Ashton   Dennis Harbour
Deta Hedman   Jamie Hughes
Lorraine Winstanley   James Hurrell
    Mark McGeeney
    Scott Mitchell


23rd April

The  England Darts Organisation Board of Directors would like to wish everyone a great St George's Day


2016 British Internationals

8th - 10th April

Ladies Champions

Players of the Tournament

Girls & Boys Champions


For the full results CLICK HERE




13th March

      Stage Finals

  Av Player Result Player Av
Youth Final 15.74 Dean Birks 0-3 Luke Durham 20.88
Ladies Pairs Final 24.40 Lisa Ashton &

Trina Gulliver

0-3 Rachel Brooks &

Deta Hedman

Mens Pairs Final 26.61 Michael Meaney &

Stephen Lennon

2-3 Tony O'Shea &

Darryl Fitton

IOM Events Services Classic Ladies Final   26.93 Rhian Griffiths 3-4 Deta Hedman 27.87
Okells Mens Classic Final 32.93 Scott Mitchell 6-2 Geert de Vos 28.07
Pokerstars Ladies Semi Final 27.08 Lisa Ashton 4-0 Sharon Prins 22.81
Pokerstars Ladies Semi Final 25.97 Aileen de Graaf 3-4 Deta Hedman 28.43
Pokerstars Men's Semi Final 33.52 Glen Durrant 4-5 Tony O'Shea 32.48
Pokerstars Men's Semi Final 31.46 Ryan Joyce 5-1 Martin Adams 30.20
Pokerstars Ladies  Final 27.60 Lisa Ashton 4-3 Deta Hedman 25.50
Pokerstars Ladies  Final 28.02 Tony O'Shea 6-4 Ryan Joyce 27.55






Today will see the Mens and Ladies Pairs events played, followed by the stage finals from 2pm, to be streamed on

Ladies Pairs Draw

Mens Pairs Draw

The winner of the No Hopers and Cabbages event last night was Northern Ireland's Darren Clifford who beat Lancashire's Lee Shewan in the final.

12th March

The Pokerstars Mens & Ladies IOM Open Singles started at 10.30 (Saturday), updates will be available by clicking on the links below

PokerStars Isle of Man Ladies Open   

PokerStars Isle of Man Mens Open



The final of the youth singles will be between Dean Birks and Luke Durham, however congratulations to the first Champions of the weekend as Anastasia Dobromyslova & Darryl Fitton took the mixed pairs title with a 3-0 over Josie Paterson & Ryan Hogarth, click on the photo above and then the respective competition to see all the results.



The Pokerstars IOM International Darts Festival will be streamed 'Live' from the Villa Marina on both Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March on

All the matches will be free to watch but you do have to register first which we advise everyone to do now. The finals on the Sunday will begin from 2.00pm, whilst times for Saturday will be confirmed ASAP.



Click here to see Players Entered   (9th March)
Poker Stars Men's Open         :  429 Men's Pairs    :  191 Okells Men's Classic          :  278
Ladies Classic     :  66 Ladies Pairs  :  62 Poker Stars Ladies Open    :  113
Boys Youth                            :  11 Mixed Pairs   :  154 Girls Youth                         :  1

4th March

To see a alphabet list of all the entries at 3rd March and also the seeds for the Men's and Ladies Singles click on the links below.

Isle of Man Entry Alphabet List

Isle of Man Seeds

1st March

The closing date for entries into the upcoming Poker Stars Open event has been extended to midnight on March 6th for online entries and 8th March for postal entries. No entries received after these dates will be allowed into the Poker Stars Open events. The draw will be made after final checks and will then be posted here.

Entries for the Isle of Man Classic will be accepted in the venue until 6pm on Thursday 10th March.

Entries for all the other competitions can be done on arrival at the venue, announcements for the closing times for these events will be made in the venue during the event.

We would like to thank the BDO for their co-operation.


25th February

The England teams selected for the 2016 British Internationals are :

2016 Girls Team
Danielle Ashton   Lancashire
Beau Greaves   Yorkshire  
2016 Boys Squad
Daniel Perry  Captain   Hampshire
Jimmy Bristow   Bristol Youth
Owen Maiden   West Midlands
Tyler Radlett   Surrey
Callan Rydz   County Durham
2016 Ladies Team
Deta Hedman  Captain   Oxfordshire
Lisa Ashton   Lancashire
Trina Gulliver   Warwickshire  
Gemma Hayter   Hampshire
Fallon Sherrock   Buckinghamshire  
Lorraine Winstanley    Yorkshire
2016 Men's Team
Scott Mitchell  Captain   Dorset
Martin Adams   Cambridgeshire
Shaun Carroll   West Midlands
Brian Dawson   Yorkshire
Glen Durrant   Cleveland
Dennis Harbour   Cambridgeshire
Paul Hogan   Berkshire
Jamie Hughes   Warwickshire
James Hurrell   Worcestershire
Mark McGeeney   Lancashire
Dave Parletti   Surrey
Darren Peetoom   Essex


The new caps are Gemma Hayter, Shaun Carroll, Brian Dawson and Dave Parletti, there are also recalls for Trina Gulliver and Martin Adams.


We would like to congratulate all the players on their selection and wish them well in Scotland in April. We would also like to thank the players who were not selected this year and wish them well  in trying to regain a place next year.



19th January

During the past 9 months we have been in extensive discussions with potential corporate partners, to source further events into the E.D.O. portfolio, whilst we were able to secure the Isle of Man Festival of Darts, despite massive interference, the other two events contrary to what we were guaranteed as recently as  just a few months ago were done and dusted with TV coverage, sadly despite the massive amount of time involved with this company and costs involved when it actually came to completing  contracts and agreed financial deposits to protect our company these for a million and one excuses were never forthcoming, which has resulted in us finally breaking off all further negotiations with the company concerned.

This will result in the May date currently in the BDO diary now being withdrawn, however we are in discussions with another potential partner and hopefully we can successfully conclude contractual agreements to hold the event as planned in November 2016.

We would like to thank all the players and officials for their continued support of England Darts, and apologise for the uncertainty caused by this whole situation, albeit, you deal with people and a certain amount of trust, is involved, in any negotiations, on this occasions misplaced by us, but we all live and learn.

Please enter the Isle of Man event with over 30,000 prize fund, entries online via follow link on main page. No entries on the day will be taken and the draw will appear on England Site. 
















9th/10th January 2016

Congratulations to Trina Gulliver and Scott Waites on winning the Lakeside World titles.