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29th October

It is deep regret that we have learned today that former England Ladies Captain, Paddy Reeson has passed away.

Paddy was the non-playing Captain of the team for eight years, before she handed the role over to Trina Gulliver, Paddy was a Cambridgeshire County player and played locally in Peterborough for over fifty years, she won the Ladies Pairs title in Jersey with fellow Cambridgeshire and England player Nadine Bentley and also reached the semi finals of the Winmau World Masters.

Our thoughts are with her daughter Tina and the family.

21st October

Congratulations to Beau Greaves and Mitchell McCarthy on winning the first ever England Youth Grand Prix titles at March GER, Cambridgeshire today.

The Scores for the England Youth Grand Prix can be seen by CLICKING HERE


11th October

The first England Youth Grand Prix Champions will be crowned on Sunday 21st October, when both the girls and boys finals will be played at March GER Sports Club, March, Cambridgeshire.

Listed below are the players in the groups they will play in, for full details CLICK HERE


Group 1 Group 2
Alex Dorney Natasha Kennedy
Beau Greaves Ellie Larsson-Brown    
Holly Meadwell Hannah Meadwell
Ashleigh Turner Shannon Reeves


Group 1

Group 2 Group 3 Group 4   
  Connor Arberry    Alex Gurr Tavis Dudeney    Lewis Gurney
Lewis Mayes Jack Male Kieron Lown    Cameron Nicholson    
Dan Perry   Brad Phillips      Mitchell McCarthy     Reece Pauling
Kieron Plews Dalton Storr   Drew Mole Tyler Radlett



29th September


2018 WDF Europe Cup 26th-29th September Budapest, Hungary



Europe Cup Champions



Europe Cup Results -  See More


 2018 Europe Cup Pairs Champions - Deta Hedman & Maria O'Brien


 2018 Europe Cup Pairs Champions - Scott Mitchell & Daniel Day      




9th September

England Classic Stage Matches

Girls Youth Final Beau Greaves 3-1 Ashleigh Turner
Boys Youth Final Sam Cromwell 3-5 Connor Arberry
Ladies England Masters Final   Anastasia Dobromyslova   5-1 Deta Hedman
Mens England Masters Final    Ross Montgomery 1-5 Jim Williams
Ladies Classic Semi Final Trina Gulliver 2-4 Anastasia Dobromyslova  
Ladies Classic Semi Final Fallon Sherrock 2-4 Deta Hedman
Mens Classic Semi Final Wesley Harms 4-0 Reece Colley
Mens Classic Semi Final Jim Williams 4-1 Mark McGeeney
Ladies Classic Final Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-2 Deta Hedman
Mens Classic Final Wesley Harms 5-4 Jim Williams


England Classic Champions
Ladies: Anastasia Dobromyslova     Mens: Wesley Harms    


England Masters Champions
Anastasia Dobromyslova   Jim Williams


Youth Classic/GP Champions
Beau Greaves   Connor Arberry


2018 England Matchplay Champions

Girls: Beau Greaves   Boys: Brad Phillips   Ladies: Fallon Sherrock   Mens: Glen Durrant  


England Matchplay

Ladies Quarter Final Deta Hedman 4-0 Margaret Sutton
Mens Quarter Final Scott Mitchell 4-3 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Ladies Quarter Final Tricia Wright 1-4 Lisa Ashton
Mens Quarter Final Dave Parletti 3-4 Kyle McKinstry
Ladies Quarter Final Fallon Sherrock 4-2 Paula Jacklin
Mens Quarter Final Paul Hogan 2-4 Andy Baetens
Ladies Quarter Final Lorraine Winstanley 4-0 Casey Gallagher
Mens Quarter Final Allan Edwards 3-4 Glen Durrant
Ladies Semi Final Deta Hedman 4-3 Lisa Ashton
Mens Semi Final Scott Mitchell 3-4 Kyle McKinstry
Ladies Semi Final Fallon Sherrock 4-3 Lorraine Winstanley
Mens Semi Final Andy Baetens 2-4 Glen Durrant
Girls Final Beau Greaves 3-0 Shannon Reeves
Boys Final Mitchell McCarthy 1-4 Brad Phillips
Ladies Final Deta Hedman 1-4 Fallon Sherrock
Mens Final Kyle McKinstry 2-5 Glen Durrant



 England Masters Results    England Classic Results  
Ladies Singles Ladies Singles
Men's Singles Men's Singles


 England Classic Pairs Results  
Ladies Pairs
Men's Pairs


8th September

Congratulations to the team of Glen Durrant, Paul Brown, Jim Williams & Fallon Sherrock for winning the mixed fours.

Fours Winners :

Glen Durrant, Paul Brown, Jim Williams & Fallon Sherrock





7th September

Saturday (7th September) will be a busy day of darts as the Mens Classic singles start at 09.30, the girls and boys Matchplay (which will be streamed) get underway at 10.00, the youth Grand Prix starts at 12.00, the Ladies Classic singles starts at 12.30 and the mixed fours start at 18.00.

England Youth Matchplay (Saturday)

Girls Semi Final Beau Greaves 3-0 Hannah Meadwell
Girls Semi Final Shannon Reeves   3-1 Alex Dorney
Boys Quarter Final Mitchell McCarthy 3-2 Connor Arberry
Boys Quarter Final Tavis Dudeney 3-1 Alex Gurr
Boys Quarter Final Brad Phillips 3-0 Cameron Nicholson  
Boys Quarter Final Keelan Kay 3-0 Tyler Radlett
Boys Semi Final Mitchell McCarthy 3-2 Tavis Dudeney
Boys Semi Final Brad Phillips 3-0 Keelan Kay
Girls Final Beau Greaves 3-0 Shannon Reeves
Boys Final Mitchell McCarthy 1-4 Brad Phillips



The players through to Sunday's stage finals of the England Masters are Anastasia Dobromyslova & Deta Hedman in the ladies and Ross Montgomery &  Jim Williams in the men's.

England Classic Stage Matches (Sunday)

Girls Youth Final Beau Greaves v Ashleigh Turner
Boys Youth Final Sam Cromwell v Connor Arberry
Ladies England Masters Final   Anastasia Dobromyslova   v Deta Hedman
Mens England Masters Final    Ross Montgomery v Jim Williams
Ladies Classic Semi Final Trina Gulliver v Anastasia Dobromyslova  
Ladies Classic Semi Final Fallon Sherrock v Deta Hedman
Mens Classic Semi Final Wesley Harms v Reece Colley
Mens Classic Semi Final Jim Williams v Mark McGeeney
Ladies Classic Final   v  
Mens Classic Final   v  


Both the Ladies and Men's England Masters are underway and you can see the updated draw sheets by clicking on the respective link below.


 England Masters Results    England Classic Draws  
Ladies Singles Ladies Singles
Men's Singles Men's Singles


6th September

Congratulations to Northern Ireland's Kyle McKinstry who is the 2018 British Pentathlon Champion.


2018 Mens Pentathlon Scores
1 Kyle McKinstry 394   6 Wes Newton 348   11 Antle Berger 319   16 Jim Withers 292
2 Andy Baetens 377   7 Paul Dawkins 344   11 James Hurrell 319   17 Dean Winstanley   290
3 Sven Verdonck 375   8 Jim McKewan 339   13 Steve Ferguson 306   18 Ted Hankey 270
4 Dave Parletti 368   9 Andreas Harrysson  328   14 Jack Vincent 300   19 Tatu Pehkonen 264
5 Martin Adams 353   9 Gary Stafford 328   15 Lee Shewan 296   20 Steve Carrett 251
Special Games Winners
Shang Hi Dave Parletti  57  
2001 Steve Ferguson    24
Halve It Jim McEwan  33
Round Board On Doubles    Sven Verdonck  38


The 2018 British Pentathlon was played today at Bunn Leisure, Selsey and is the first event of the England Classic Weekend.

For those that have not seen the Pentathlon before it is an invitational only event that is played between just 20 players and as well as the traditional 501 legs, it also features one game of 1001 and one game of 2001. There is also the 'special games' of Shanghi, Halve-it and Round the Board on Doubles (RBD). All the 'special games' have an additional prize for their winners on top of prize money for the top four players overall.

The big difference in the Pentathlon is that the overall positions are decided on a points basis, where every single thrown can score points for the player.


5th September

The draws for the ladies and men's singles in the England Classic and England Masters have now been made, click on the links below :

 England Masters Draws    England Classic Draws  
Ladies Singles Ladies Singles
Men's Singles Men's Singles


If you have a QR scan app on a mobile device you can get the draws

and updates by using the scans below

 Ladies Masters Singles     Men's Masters Singles     Ladies Classic Singles    Men's Classic Singles  


The draws for all the other events will be made at Selsey, as entries are still open for the Youths, Pairs and Fours.





 CLICK HERE to see list of entered players (31st August)

Mens England Classic : 263 Mens Pairs : 57 Mens Masters Singles : 211
Ladies England Classic : 89  Ladies Pairs : 26 Ladies Masters Singles : 65
Boys Youth Singles : 26 Mixed Fours : 0 Girls Youth Singles : 5

 CLICK HERE FOR 2018 Brochure



Seeded Players

England Masters


England Classic



Mens Ladies


Lorraine Winstanley   1 Glen Durrant Lorraine Winstanley   1 Glen Durrant 17 Tony O'Shea
Deta Hedman 2 Mark McGeeney Deta Hedman 2 Mark McGeeney 18 Dean Reynolds
Aileen de Graaf 3 Jim Williams Aileen de Graaf 3 Jim Williams 19 Conan Whitehead
Lisa Ashton 4 Scott Mitchell Lisa Ashton 4 Scott Mitchell 20 Daniel Day
Anastasia Dobromyslova   5 Ross Montgomery Anastasia Dobromyslova   5 Ross Montgomery 21 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Fallon Sherrock 6 Scott Waites Fallon Sherrock 6 Scott Waites 22 Richie Edwards
Corrine Hammond 7 Gary Robson Corrine Hammond 7 Gary Robson 23 Andy Baetens
Trina Gulliver 8 Wesley Harms Trina Gulliver 8 Wesley Harms 24 Jeffrey van Egdom
9 Chris Landman 9 Michael Unterbuchner   25 Nick Kenny
10 Dave Parletti 10 Chris Landman 26 Wouter Waes
11 Willem Mandigers 11 Dave Parletti 27 James Hurrell
12 Richard Veenstra 12 Willem Mandigers 28 Andy Hamilton
13 Scott Baker 13 Richard Veenstra 29 Paul Hogan
14 Kyle McKinstry 14 Wayne Warren 30 Andreas Harrysson    
15 Tony O'Shea 15 Scott Baker 31 Wes Newton
16 Dean Reynolds 16 Kyle McKinstry 32 Steve Carrett

The seeds in the Men's England Masters have been amended after one of the original seeded players withdrew from the event.

2nd September

At today's England AGM the existing Directors of Tommy Thompson, Vic Sexton, Peter Melton, Bernie Crouch and John Peoples were all re-elected to the Board and we are very pleased to announce that Dawn Speed (pictured below) was also elected to the England Board of Directors.

In the England Selectors of Don Vickers, Peter Senior,  Neil Pritchard, Dawn Speed and Peter Melton were all re-elected.

The draws were also done for next week's respective England Matchplay and are :

Girls Matchplay Boys Matchplay Ladies Matchplay Mens Matchplay
  Quarter Finals Quarter Finals Quarter Finals
  Mitchell McCarthy (1) v Connor Arberry Deta Hedman (1) v Margaret Sutton Scott Mitchell (1) v Jeffrey Sparidaans
  Tavis Dudeney (4) v Alex Gurr Tricia Wright (4) v Lisa Ashton Dave Parletti (4) v Kyle McKinstry
  Brad Phillips (2) v Cameron Nicholson Fallon Sherrock (2) v Paula Jacklin Paul Hogan (2) v Andy Baetens
  Keelan Kay (3) v Tyler Radlett Lorraine Winstanley (3) v Casey Gallagher Allan Edwards (3) v Glen Durrant
Semi Finals Semi Finals Semi Finals Semi Finals
Beau Greaves (1) v Hannah Meadwell      
Shannon Reeves (2) v Alex Dorney      
Final Final Final Final



31st August

Here are the final four players that will compete in the 2018 British Pentathlon next Thursday at Bunn Leisure. They include experienced Pentathlon player, Paul Dawkins who was second in 2013 and Belgium's Andy Baetens who finished third in 2016 and  Wes Newton and Steven Ferguson play in the event for the first time.


28th August

The players who will be competing  in the England Matchplay's at Selsey are:

2018 England Matchplay Player's

Beau Greaves (1) Mitchell McCarthy (1)   Deta Hedman (1) Scott Mitchell (1)
Shannon Reeves (2) Brad Phillips (2) Fallon Sherrock (2) Paul Hogan (2)
Hannah Meadwell   Keelan Kay (3) Lorraine Winstanley (3) Allan Edwards (3)
Alex Dorney Tavis Dudeney (4) Tricia Wright (4) Dave Parletti (4)
  Alex Gurr Margaret Sutton Glen Durrant
  Cameron Nicholson Paula Jacklin Kyle McKinstry
  Tyler Radlett Casey Gallagher Jeffrey Sparidaans 
  Connor Arberry Lisa Ashton Andy Baetens

The draws for the respective England Matchplay's will be made at the England AGM on Sunday 2nd September.

The player's have qualified from winning one of the singles titles at England Events (England Open, England Classic, England Masters, England Singles, Isle of Man Masters and the defending  England Matchplay Champions), the remaining players come from the England Rankings. The player's with a number in brackets next to their names are the seeded players, once again the England Rankings re used to determine these.


27th August

The fourth group of players who will be competing  in this years British Pentathlon, Norway's Atle Burger makes his debut as does England's Jack Vincent (at just 18 we believe Jack could be one of the youngest ever players to compete). Then there are Ted Hankey and Jim Withers, who are both regular Pentathlon players who are still looking for their first Pentathlon title.




24th August

The third group of four players for the British Pentathlon,  three Englishmen and a Northern Ireland player who include former Champion James Hurrell, Dean Winstanley a former runner up, Kyle McKinstry who finished 5th last year and debutant Lee Shewan.



24th August

2018 England Youth Grand Prix Finals 



England Darts are pleased to announce that the Grand Finals of the inaugural England Youth Grand Prix will be played on Sunday 21st October at March GER Sports Club (Cambridgeshire County Venue).  


The top 16 players in the overall rankings and the top 8 players in the girl’s rankings, after the final event at Selsey on September 9th will be invited to play in the finals at the GER. 


Play will start at 12 noon on the 21st October with the top 16 from the overall rankings and the top 8 girls all being split into groups of four, matches being played on a round robin basis with the top two players in each group going into the last eight and last four respectively, all these matches will be played on stage with the winners crowned as the first ever England Youth Grand Prix Champions. 



Prize Money

 Overall    Position    Girls  
300 Champion  150   
150 Runner Up


75 Joint 3rd 50
50 Joint 5th 25
25 Joint 9th N/A

For more details click here.


21st August

Announcement England Classic - Selsey 2018

After the success of the England Youth Grand Prix series, the latest event is held this weekend in Gateshead, England Darts are disappointed with the lack of support for the England Youth K.O. Cup, it has therefore been cancelled and maybe replaced by a Youth blind three's, entry on the day, the three teams who had entered the Youth K.O. Cup will be refunded. The England Classic Youth Open will be held as normal and will be a qualification for the Grand Finals of the Grand Prix to be held in Cambridgeshire on 21t October 2018.

The England Classic Mixed Fours will be re-introduced on Saturday 8th September 2018 starting approximately at 3.00pm after conclusion of the Mens and Ladies Classic Singles in the Embassy Room. The England Online shop will be opened later today for participants to enter at 20 per team consisting of 3 Men and 1 Lady.

Tommy Thompson

22nd August

The second group of four players for the British Pentathlon. Two debutants in Scotland's Jim McEwan and England's Gary Stafford and then Sweden's Andreas Harryson and Belgium's Sven Verdonck .


21st August

The first four players in the British Pentathlon to be played at Selsey on Thursday 6th September, Martin Adams is back to defend the title he won last year, his 12th overall. Steve Carrett and Dave Parletti make their debuts and Finland's Tatu Pehkonen will be looking to repeat his win in the 2016 Halve-it section, more players will be announced soon.

1st August

The England Membership is now up and running.

It is only 20 a year, click on the link below to join and see the benefits.

Get Joining.


Click on the logo below to join the Members Club

Welcome to the England Darts Members Association, to be known as the England Darts

Members Club. Membership of the Club will allow all participants to enjoy benefits from

automatic free entry to monthly Prize Draws and discounts on products from the

Corporate Partners of England Darts now and in the future.


Entry to certain selected England Darts events will attract discount on normal entry fees.

These discounts will be identified when online entry opens.

Membership of the England Members Darts Members Club operates as an Affiliated

Membership of the England Darts Organisation Limited, and as such does not give

affiliated members any voting rights within the Organisation.



29th July

The  England Youth Grand Prix tables have been updated following the latest round played at the Spots & Stripes Club in London, CLICK HERE to see the up to date table, congratulations to today's winners,  Tavis Dudeney and Shannon Reeves.

Shannon Reeves Tavis Dudeney


25th July


We are very sad to learn that former England International, Tony Sontag passed away yesterday. Tony was a London County player who played five ties for England and won four of his matches. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

14th July

We would like to congratulate the England Youth team on a very successful 2018 Europe Cup in Turkey.

The girls team of Beau Greaves and Shannon Reeves are the 2018 Europe Cup Girls Champions and they had a clean sweep as Beau Greaves won the girls singles and Beau and Shannon also won the girls pairs to mean all three gold medals will be coming back to England.

The boys also return home with a good collection of medals as they took silver in the team event, Jack Vincent got a bronze in the boy singles which meant they finished third overall in the boys championship and so all have a bronze medal. Netherlands took the overall title ahead of the Republic of Ireland.


2018 Overall Champions

Girls : England & Boys : Netherlands

2018 Girls Singles Champion

Beau Greaves

2018 Boys Singles

Jack Vincent (Joint 3rd)

2018 Girls Pairs Champions

Shannon Reeves & Beau Greaves

2018 Boys Overall

England Boys (3rd)

2018 Boys Team

England Boys (Runners Up)

Vic Sexton (Manager), Keelan Kay, Alex Gurr, Brad Phillips, Jack Vincent, Shannon Reeves & Beau Greaves