29th October 2020

WDF Virtual Cup

Today will see our remaining three players all play their last sixteen matches in the WDF Virtual Cup. Martin Adams plays at 10.30, Fallon Sherrock plays at 11.00 and Lorraine Winstanley plays at 21.30.

Both Martin and Lorraine's matches will be streamed by USA Darts.


All four of our England players won their last 32 matches in the WDF Virtual Cup, their matches in the last 16 are :

WDF Virtual Cup KO stage results

WDF Virtual Cup logo

Fallon Sherrock

 Lorraine Winstanley

Martin Adams

Paul Hogan

Date/time (UK time) 29th Oct @ 11.00 29th Oct @ 21.30 29th Oct @ 10.30  
Round Last 16 Last 16 Last 16 Last 16
Opponent   Erdenecimeg Dondov    Mikuru Suzuki Mal Cuming Anthony Tekira
Country Mongolia Japan Australia New Zealand
Result       Lost 3-4
Average       102.2
Round Last 32 Last 32 Last 32 Last 32
Opponent   Petricia Messiah Robin Corry Bruno Rangel Rios Steve Russell
Country Trinidad & Tobago   USA Brazil Canada
Result Won 4-0 Won 4-0 Won 4-0 Won 4-1
Average 73.3 71.6 ? 86.5



WDF Virtual Cup updated tables (top 20) are shown below, with just one match in the ladies last 32 still to be played, we are delighted that our men are top of the table and our ladies have moved up two places to second place.

22nd October 2020

WDF Virtual Cup


The WDF Virtual Cup has now reached the last 32 and we are delighted that the England team of Fallon Sherrock, Lorraine Winstanley, Martin Adams and Paul Hogan have all progressed to this stage.

Men's Top 20

WDF Virtual Cup logo

Ladies Top 20

England 16 8   24   Croatia 18 8   26
Republic of Ireland   16 8   24   Netherlands 18 8   26
South Africa 16 8   24   Republic of Ireland 17 8   25
Australia 16 5   21   England 17 7   24
Canada 14 7   21   Iran 17 5   22
Northern Ireland 16 5   21   Canada 14 7   21
New Zealand 15 5   20   Czech Republic 18 3   21
Wales 15 5   20   Russia 17 4   21
Isle of Man 13 5   18   Slovakia 17 4   21
Scotland 13 5   18   Australia 15 5   20
Czech Republic 14 2   16   Japan 17 3   20
Netherlands 13 3   16   Northern Ireland 15 5   20
Slovakia 14 2   16   Latvia 14 3   17
Croatia 12 3   15   South Africa 15 2   17
Ukraine 13 1   14   Scotland 13 3   16
USA 11 3   14   USA 12 3   15
Hungary 11 2   13   Wales 13 2   15
India 12 1   13   Mongolia 10 3   13
Mongolia 12 1   13   New Zealand 13     13
Slovenia 11 2   13   Germany 11 1   12
Catalonia 11 1   12   Catalonia 11     11

21st October 2020

WDF Virtual Cup


The England team of Fallon Sherrock, Lorraine Winstanley, Martin Adams and Paul Hogan all finished in the top four of their respective tables and so progressed to the knock out stages of the Virtual Cup.




Fallon Sherrock



Lorraine Winstanley

Match Date & Time Opponent Result Average   Match Date & Time Opponent Result Average
7th Oct Ksenia Klochek (Russia) Won 3-1 83.3   7th Oct Oana Cimpoca (Romania) Won 3-0 71.6
7th Oct Elena Shulgina (Russia) Won 3-0 79.1   7th Oct Karolina Zalawka (Poland) Won 3-0 67.3
7th Oct Oana Cimpoca (Romania) Won 3-0 68.3   13th Oct Sharon Bracke (Belgium) Won 3-0 71.6
12th Oct Katarzyna Drazek (Poland) Won 3-0 83.5   13th Oct Monica Dan (Romania) Won 3-0 64.4
12th Oct Sharon Bracke (Belgium) Won 3-0 76.4   13th Oct Kathy Geeraerts (Belgium)  Won 3-0 67.3
12th Oct Kathy Geeraerts (Belgium)  Won 3-0 71.6   14th Oct  Elena Shulgina (Russia) Won 3-2 77.8
13th Oct Monica Dan (Romania) Won 3-0 85.1   14th Oct Ksenia Klochek (Russia) Lost 1-3 62.3
19th Oct Hatice Sinem Sengul (Turkey)   Won 3-0 60.9   14th Oct Katarzyna Drazek (Poland) Won 3-0 57.8
19th Oct Lorraine Winstanley (England) Won 3-1


  14th Oct Hatice Sinem Sengul (Turkey)   Won 3-2 62.0
19th Oct Karolina Zalawka (Poland) Won 3-0 95.9   19th Oct Fallon Sherrock (England) Lost 1-3 68.8
20th Oct Merve Erden (Turkey) Won 3-0 73.9   20th Oct Merve Erden (Turkey) Lost 2-3 64.5

Group 3

WDF Virtual Cup logo



Martin Adams



Paul Hogan


Match Date & Time Opponent Result Average   Match Date & Time Opponent Result Average
6th Oct Dmytro Kolalov (Poland) Won 3-0 92.0   5th Oct John Desreumaux (Belgium) Won 3-2 95.3
 8th Oct Laszlo Kadar (Romania) Lost 2-3 84.1   9th Oct Attila Vonya Brody (Romania Won 3-1 98.2
8th Oct Attila Vonya Brody (Romania) Won 3-0 85.1   9th Oct Laszlo Kadar (Romania) Won 3-0 100.2
8th Oct Oguzhan Kaya (Turkey) Won 3-0 79.1   9th Oct Isa Furkan Cos (Turkey) Won 3-1 76.0
8th Oct Alexey Kadochnikov (Russia) Won 3-1 84.0   9th Oct Dmytro Kolalov (Poland) Won 3-2 83.5
11th Oct Paul Hogan (England) Won 3-1 96.6   10th Oct Oguzhan Kaya (Turkey) Won 3-0 79.1
13th Oct Isa Furkan Cos (Turkey) Won 3-1 70.6   10th Oct Alexey Kadochnikov (Russia) Won 3-1 87.6
19th Oct Sebastian Bialecki (Poland) Won 3-1 89.2   10th Oct Sebastian Bialecki (Poland) Won 3-1 85.5
19th Oct Kevin Van Wauwe (Belgium) Won 3-0


  11th Oct Martin Adams (England) Lost 1-3 99.8
20th Oct John Desreumaux (Belgium) Won 3-0


  19th Oct Kevin Van Wauwe (Belgium) Won 3-0 83.5


25th September 2020

Announcement: England Darts/WDF Virtual Cup




We are delighted to announce that Fallon Sherrock, Lorraine Winstanley, Martin Adams and Paul Hogan have been selected to represent England Darts in the inaugural WDF Virtual Cup.

Whilst this will be the first time England have been involved in an online event, all four of the team have got extensive experience playing in various online events.

The team have a collective total of 196 England appearances.

We wish them all the very best of luck in this innovative WDF event.

Peter Melton - England International Director













15th September 2020

Announcement: England Darts/ WDF Gold Status Events




England Darts are thrilled to have two Gold Events in the newly restructured World Darts Federation rankings announced today.

The Gold events carry an automatic qualification into the Grand Final stages of the 2021 World Championships. This is a unique opportunity for all grass root players and with guaranteed prize money at the World Finals adds to already massive prize funds the Isle of Man Open and England Open offers the event participants. 

A further bonus is guaranteed for the runners up and semi-finalist of the events qualifying for the WDF World Masters. 

On behalf of England Darts and our sponsors Bunn Leisure and The Isle of Man Government I would like to thank the executive of the WDF especially Nick Rolls and Richard Ashdown, with whom we have been working closely with over the past 6 months to enable this unique opportunity to come to fruition.

Tommy Thompson

Chairman England Darts










20th August 2020

Announcement: England Darts/Bunn Leisure

I have just received the following message from Bunn Leisure today.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Covid Pandemic, and after taking advice from numerous agencies, their views being that it is highly unlikely that the current restrictions will be removed, allowing us to safely cater for the numbers of people who normally support our darts events, along with the welfare of our staff, the decision has been made that we are not in a position to hold the Golden Darts event this coming December.

We have every intention of supporting the darts events in 2021, starting with the Open in June, if anyone would like to transfer their outstanding bookings, or require refunds, please contact the bookings department. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

England Darts Organisation is naturally disappointed that they will not be able to hold the event, but fully respect that everyone’s health has to be our main priority.

We once again thank all our members and players for their continued support during these very testing and abnormal times we are living through, with the hope that 2021 will bring stability back to our lives, and with it opportunities to meet up and enjoy each other’s company once again at our darts events, in the meantime England Darts will be planning in good faith for the future.

Tommy Thompson
Chairman England Darts Organisation Ltd

27th July 2020

Announcement: England Darts

Due to the very uncertain times with the ramifications of the current Covid Pandemic with the restrictions placed by our government, England Darts in conjunction with Bunn Leisure, have decided that for safety reasons of our players and their staff, that sadly this year’s events will no longer take place as scheduled in  September 2020. We can only thank our loyal supporters from near and far who year on year return to Selsey, and hopefully we can arrange the full schedule of darts and entertainment in December or as soon as is possible at Bunn Leisure Selsey, the home of England Darts.

All deposits on
bookings will be honoured either by moving to December or refunds for those unable to attend in December. Could everyone please contact: holidays@bunnleisure.co.uk  to sort out their preferences.

Tommy Thompson
Chairman England Darts Organisation Ltd

22nd July 2020

Dave Dudeney Appointment

England Darts Organisation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Dudeney as their Youth Grand Prix events Executive. Dave has worked within the youth darts environment in the South of England, and has kindly offered his services in continuing the sterling work Bradley has given to youth darts through England for the past three years. Bradley assures us despite work commitments, he will continue to support Dave in his new role along with our Youth International Director Vic Sexton, so a great team going forward, securing more opportunities for our Youth players at competition and International level.


29th June 2020

RIP Ron Bentley

We are very sad to learn that long time Hertfordshire Darts Secretary, Ron Bentley has passed away.

Our thoughts are with all Ron's family and friends at this sad time.

Hertfordshire Darts Organisation issued the following statement :

For those of you who knew him it is with deep sadness to inform you that Ron Bentley passed away today. Ron was involved with the BDO from the very start when it was formed in 1973. He was a massive part of Hertfordshire and he played an integral role in our successes over the years. He was the General Secretary of Hertfordshire Darts for over 40 years until he resigned a few years ago. A lovely man and at the BDO meetings he always sat with Dennis Ratcliffe of Derbyshire, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Sylvia and the rest of his family at this very sad time.

RIP Ron. From all the committee, players and supporters of the HCDO.




26th June 2020

The Tri Nations have released new updated information, this can be reviewed by using the link below.

Tri Nations Information

1st May 2020

''Today the Tri-Nations publish their vision for the future of grass-root darts; it is quite a comprehensive document. The executive of the Tri-Nations has tried to address many of the concerns of grass-root dart players, whilst keeping in place the integrity of the system.
Although we are all unsure, when any plans can be implemented due to the current pandemic, the Tri-Nations executive feel that is imperative , that plans are in place once the sport of darts returns to normal.
We urge all officials and players to study the plans we are putting forward, plans which have been fully costed, and are a viable way forward, for everyone, should they choose to join us. It would be helpful to gauge some sort of support, to enable us to go into the market place confident we have a product on offer, which is supported by you the players."

Tri Nations Vision For The Future - Read Now

On Behalf of the Tri-Nations Darts Ltd.
Tommy Thompson




"A Path for the Future"

Though no-one can know how long the Covid 19 crisis will last or how seriously the affects will have on our lives generally and or in darts specifically. However the newly appointed executive of Tri-Nations Darts felt that the following statement of intent was appropriate at this time.

As we are all aware there has been considerable uncertainty concerning the future of the BDO these past few months and it's a situation that worsened with the recent abdication of the majority of their directors.

Without dwelling on the well-publicised reasons for this continuing uncertainty, members interests have clearly not been best served with the ongoing lack of transparency or information, more so since the publication of their latest accounts, during which even our own auditors questioned the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, a point perhaps endorsed further by these resignations. 

As a direct consequence to the auditors alarming warnings, the Tri-Nations have been working these past few weeks to put together an alternative proposal which will hopefully provide a viable and sustainable future for grass roots darts in Britain. 
This proposal has been very accurately costed to ensure all members can have that future free from the threats of possible litigation and significantly, free from the damaging consequences that all the recent adverse publicity has caused. 
If the members so choose, it will also allow us all to move forward together and when doing so protect the core events that we have all spent so many years enjoying and supporting. 
Without making any unrealistic promises we all feel – as a new entity, that the new beginning this proposal could provide will also hopefully afford all members of Tri Nations Darts to negotiate and explore fresh contracts and sponsorship possibilities and do so unsullied by the damaging reputation that currently dominates our side of darts. 
We obviously accept these potential opportunities can only be explored if and once the proposal is accepted by a majority of the three country’s current county members, and once the level of support has been ascertained, we will at the earliest opportunity and “national crisis permitting” then organise a meeting to openly discuss everything in more detail. 

In the meanwhile we do ensure everyone that we will update everyone with any progress and do so in the hope that everything if accepted it could mean everything is in place for the new season - September/October 2020. 


Tri Nations Letter PDF

Tri Nations Business Plan

Tri Nations Business Plan Powerpoint


Yours faithfully,

Tommy Thompson (On Behalf of the Directors of The Tri-Nations Darts Ltd.)


Jean Haywood (Director)

Cliff Murray (Director)

John Smith (Director)

John Williams (Director)

Wayne Williams (Director)



British Internationals   England Open   England Youth GP
After due consideration of the current Covid-19 virus pandemic, and our overriding duty of care to our players and officials, we have reluctantly decided that the 2020 British Darts International Championships will be postponed. A new date will be sought once the immediate crisis and the uncertainties have passed.

All players currently selected will retain their places at the new date. After discussions with the holiday park all bookings for the holiday park will be honoured for the new date as will the tickets purchased.

We ask for everyone to remain calm and give us as organisers the opportunity of resolving this unprecedented situation, which has gripped all our communities across the world.

My sincere thanks to Scotland and Wales along with Marie at Golden Palm Resort, Skegness, also Adrian Battersby and the staff at 247TV, for their help and understanding of this serious situation.

Keep safe everyone.

Yours faithfully,
Tommy Thompson
Chairman England Darts Organisation

To all our members and supporters of the England Open,

Like all of us, nobody knows what the consequences are for the current ongoing situation, including Bunn Leisure.

We have spoken to them and presently they are open for business, and we are not cancelling or postponing the England Open at this time, however things are changing daily and should the situation or government instruction within the next number of days/weeks, make it impossible to hold the Open in early June, we are committed to holding the Open as soon as possible thereafter, any deposits or full payments already made, will be honoured by Bunn Leisure, as they do value you all.

As soon as we can give any further clarification we will do so immediately.
We would like to thank you for your patience at this time.
Tommy Thompson
England Darts Organisation



Unfortunately due to Governmental shut down of venues and with the safety of our players and guardians aswell as organisers at heart all England Youth Grand Prix Events are suspended until further notice.

White we cannot give a date on which we will resume events our current estimates would see a restart of regional events in July, with England Open not yet confirmed to take place or be postponed.

All Members will be informed when any decisions are made and updates will be posted on here.

Finally, with the amount of events looking to reschedule for later in the year we will be in discussions with our directors on how our events will look once normality resumes, this may mean cancellation of events or changes in the structure for the rest of the season....

Please keep safe and follow the governmental guidelines for the near future - if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them when I can via email at bkirkenglanddarts@gmail.com.

Take care for now!

Bradley Kirk
England Youth Executive Officer.



To see a comprehensive overview of the Isle of Man Festival click on the England Darts Online Services logo below.
It includes the alpha lists and the seeded players for the respective singles events at the time the online entries were closed.
The entry lists on the youth singles and the three respective pairs events do not include entries that have been taken at the venue in the Isle of Man.
The draws for all the respective competitions can be found on this page and these will be updated during the event.

Sunday 15th March saw the culmination of the 2020 Festival with the stage finals all being held in the Grand Hall of the Villa Marina. All three of the ladies events finished seeing finals between Beau Greaves and Fallon Sherrock and despite some very impressive averages from both of them, it was Fallon who finished up victorious in all three finals.

In the Men's finals the titles were spread around as Scot Cameron Menzies beat Jason Heaaver in the Darts Corner Classic, Frenchman Thibault Tricole beat Neil Duff in the IOM Classic and Welshman Michael Warburton beat Martin Adams to win the Pokerstars IOM Open.

In a very good quality between the two youth boys, (who already held three England youth titles between them) saw Luke Littler beat Charlie Manby 5-3 to retain the title.

Earlier in the day the Ladies and Men's pairs competitions were played, with the winners being Casey Gallagher & Fallon Sherrock and  Ken Waters & Mark Fletcher, before the culmination of the 2020 Festival with the stage finals all being held in the Grand Hall of the Villa Marina.  To see the stream, just click on the logo below.

The results of  Sunday's stage matches were :

Darts Corner Ladies Classic Final Beau Greaves


Fallon Sherrock
Darts Corner Men's Classic Final Cameron Menzies


Jason Heaver
Ladies IOM Masters Final Beau Greaves


Fallon Sherrock
Men's IOM Masters Final Thibault Tricole


Neil Duff
IOM Youth Final Charlie Manby


Luke Littler
Pokerstars Ladies Open Semi Final Beau Greaves


Lorraine Winstanley
Pokerstars Ladies Open Semi Final Vicky Pruim 1-4 Fallon Sherrock
Pokerstars Men's Open Semi Final Martin Adams


Jim Williams
Pokerstars Men's Open Semi Final Michael Warburton 5-4 Scott Williams
Pokerstars Ladies Open Final Beau Greaves


Fallon Sherrock    
Pokerstars Men's Open Final Martin Adams 2-5 Michael Warburton


Pokerstars Open

Ladies : Fallon Sherrock

Mens : Michael Warburton

2020 IOM Festival Champions
Youth Champion

Luke Littler

Ladies Classic & Masters Champion

Fallon Sherrock

Mens Classic Champion

Cameron Menzies

Ladies Pairs Champions

Fallon Sherrock & Casey Gallagher

Mens Masters Champion

Thibault Tricole

Mens Pairs Champions

Ken Waters & Mark Fletcher


Saturday 14th March saw the Ladies and Men's Pokerstars IOM Open and the IOM Youth Singles being played, the titles are very prestigious titles as both the Ladies and Mens have been competed for every year since 1986 and some of the biggest names in world darts have been honoured to leave the island as their champion.

Both Ladies and Men's Opens were played down to the semi-final stage, which will be played on Sunday as part of the finals day after the Ladies and Men's Pairs competitions have been played off.

The Ladies semi-finals will be Beau Greaves v Lorraine Winstanley and Vicky Pruim v Fallon Sherrock, whilst the men's semi-finals are between Jim Williams v Martin Adams and Michael Warburton v Scott Williams.

The youth singles were also played today, the girls was completed and the Champion was Sophie McKinlay who beat Eleanor Cairns 3-0 in the final. The overall youth event was played down to the final which will see Luke Littler v Charlie Manby contest the final on stage tomorrow.

Selected matches from both the Pokerstars IOM Opens were streamed live on the England Darts YouTube channel, just click on the link below to see the matches.

After a good start on Thursday at the Villa Marina in Douglas, today (Friday 13th March) saw both the Ladies and Men's IOM Masters  singles events played down to their respective finals.

The ladies IOM Masters event has produced the same final as the previous days  as Fallon Sherrock and Beau Greaves reached their second final of the 2020 Festival.

The Masters event has WDF and England ranking points, which saw different seeds from the BDO ranked Classic event. In fact Beau was not seeded in today's Masters and she beat the number 1 seed Aileen de Graaf 4-1 in her semi-final. The other semi-final saw Fallon seeded 3 and she beat number 2 seed, Deta Hedman 4-2.

In the men's semi-finals, Scotland's Cameron Menzies almost made his second festival final but lost 2-4 to Thibault Tricole of France who is seeded number 2 in the WDF rankings. His opponent in the final will be Northern Ireland's Neil Duff who beat Joe Davis of Sussex 4-0.

By reaching the respective finals of today's events which were both WDF Silver ranked it means Beau, Fallon, Thibault and Neil have all qualified for the end of season WDF Masters event.      

To see the results, click on the links below.
IOM Masters   IOM Masters
At the end of a very long day the first Champions of the 2020 IOM Festival have been decided. The mixed pairs champions are Laura and Aaron Turner who took the title with a 3-0 win over Deta Hedman and Neil Duff.
The losing semi finalists were Fallon Sherrock & Paul Brown who lost to Laura & Aaron, whilst Anca Zijlstra & David Evans lost to Deta & Neil.

Thursday 12th March saw the start of the 2020 Isle of Man Festival, both ladies and men's Darts Corner IOM Classic events were played down to the finals, which will be played on Sunday.
In the ladies it will be the top two seeded players who will contest title, number one seed Beau Greaves beat the defending champion, Lorraine Winstanley (seeded 4) 4-3 in the first semi-final, whilst last years runner-up and number 2 seed, Fallon Sherrock beat Anastasia Dobromyslova  (seeded 6) 4-0 in the second semi-final.
In the men's Darts Corner IOM Classic event only one seed reached the semi-final, Ryan Hogarth (seeded 7) lost 3-4 to fellow Scot, Cameron Menzies to reach the final where he will play Jason Heaver who beat Joe Davis 4-3 in the other semi-final to set up a England v Scotland final on Sunday.
All the results can be seen on the links below.


Darts Corner IOM Classic   Darts Corner IOM Classic
IOM Masters   IOM Masters
Pokerstars IOM Open   Pokerstars IOM Open

Click on the respective tournament to see the draws, you may

need to refresh the page for updated scores/results.


Entries to all the Ladies and Mens Singles are now closed

Click Here to see the alpha list of players entered.

If you have any queries contact England Darts by email at :


  Entries to all the Pairs events and the Youth Singles   

will still be taken at the venue.

Please ask officials at the venue for details.


Thursday 12th March   Friday 13th March   Saturday 14th March
1 Beau Greaves   1 Aileen de Graaf   1 Beau Greaves
2 Fallon Sherrock   2 Deta Hedman   2 Fallon Sherrock
3 Aileen de Graaf   3 Fallon Sherrock   3 Aileen de Graaf
4 Lorraine Winstanley   4 Paula Jacklin   4 Lorraine Winstanley
5 Deta Hedman   5 Lorraine Winstanley   5 Deta Hedman
6 Anastasia Dobromyslova   6 Anastasia Dobromyslova   6 Anastasia Dobromyslova
7 Laura Turner   7 Laura Turner   7 Laura Turner
8 Maria O'Brien   8 Maria O'Brien   8 Maria O'Brien
Thursday 12th March   Friday 13th March   Saturday 14th March
1 Jim Williams   1 Ross Montgomery   1 Jim Williams
2 Richard Veenstra   2 Thibault Tricole   2 Richard Veenstra
3 Michael Warburton   3 Jim Williams   3 Michael Warburton
4 Dave Parletti   4 David Evans   4 Dave Parletti
5 David Evans   5 Michael Warburton   5 David Evans
6 Paul Hogan   6 Chris Landman   6 Paul Hogan
7 Ryan Hogarth   7 Richard Veenstra   7 Ryan Hogarth
8 Chris Landman   8 Paul Hogan   8 Chris Landman
9 Ross Montgomery   9 Dave Parletti   9 Ross Montgomery
10 Gary Stone   10 John O'Shea   10 Gary Stone
11 Nick Fullwell   11 Nick Fullwell   11 Nick Fullwell
12 Thibault Tricole   12 Aaron Turner   12 Thibault Tricole
13 Martin Adams   13 Joe Davis   13 Martin Adams
14 Aaron Tuner   14 Ben Hazel   14 Aaron Tuner
15 Ben Hazel   15 Erik van Manen   15 Ben Hazel
16 Antony Allen   16 Jason Marriott   16 Antony Allen
      17 Adam Mould   17 Jason Heaver
      18 Jason Heaver   18 Jason Marriott
      19 Gary Stone   19 John O'Shea
      20 Martin Adams   20 Steve Hine
      21 Mark Blandford   21 Adam Mould
      22 Steve Hine   22 Erik van Manen
      23 Ryan Hogarth   23 Allan Edwards
      24 Antony Allen   24 Mark Blandford
      25 Neil Duff   25 Joe Davis
      26 James Beeton   26 Paul Brown
      27 Jason Lovett   27 Gary Stafford
      28 Simon Tate   28 Wez Newton
      29 Mark Graham   29 Jason Lovett
      30 Dafydd Edwards   30 James Beeton
      31 Lee Shewan   31 Dean Reynolds
      32 Gary Stafford   32 Neil Duff
IOM Classic seeds are based on

the BDO Rankings

  IOM Masters seeds are based

on the WDF Rankings

  IOM Open seeds are based

on the BDO Rankings


Image result for facebook image


England Darts are pleased to announce that the 2020 British Internationals, they will host the annual British Internationals between England, Scotland and Wales at the Golden Palm Resort, Chapel St Leonards, Skegness on the 3rd - 5th April.

2020 British Internationals


Many people will already be familiar with the venue as it hosts two annual darting events, run by DartsEvents4u.

The teams and schedule for the British Internationals will be posted soon, however tickets can be booked in advance by ringing the Golden Palm Resort Booking Office on 01754 874444 and quote England Darts.

6th February 2020



The England teams selected for the British Internationals on the 3rd, 4th & 5th April are :


Holly Meadwell (Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire)      Tavis Dudeney (Sussex)   Deta Hedman (Oxfordshire) - Captain      Martin Adams (Cambridgeshire) - Captain
Shannon Reeves (Bristol)   Luke Littler (Lancashire/Cheshire)      Beau Greaves (Yorkshire)   Daniel Day (London)
    Brad Phillips (Hertfordshire)   Sue Gulliver (Warwickshire)   Kevin Dowling (Warwickshire)
    Nathan Potter (Suffolk/Norfolk)      Maria O'Brien (Devon)   Allan Edwards (Lincolnshire)
        Fallon Sherrock (Buckinghamshire)   David Evans (Lancashire)
        Lorraine Winstanley (Yorkshire)   Nick Fullwell (Lincolnshire)
            Nigel Heydon (Warwickshire)
            Paul Hogan (Berkshire)
            Justin Hood (Somerset)
            John Mann (Devon)
            Paul Milford (Devon)
            Dave Parletti (Surrey)

There will be ten new caps representing England at the 2020 British Internationals, they are  Girls : Holly Meadwell. Boys : Tavis Dudeney, Luke Littler & Nathan Potter. Ladies : Beau Greaves. Men : Allan Edwards, David Evans, Nick Fullwell, Justin Hood & John Mann.

In addition to the new caps there are recalls for Sue Gulliver (Ladies) and Dave Parletti (Men).

Martin Adams will once again Captain the Mens Team, taking over from Scott Mitchell who is not available for the British Internationals.

To see/buy tickets for the British Internationals at the Golden Palm Resort, Chapel St Leonard, Lincolnshire. CLICK HERE

30th January 2020



The 2020 England Darts Youth Grand Prix Championships get underway on Sunday 2nd February with the first play-off at the Manhattan Snooker Club, Beech Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire. HG2 8DY.

Doors open at 10am and registrations will be taken from 10.00 to 12.00 with matches scheduled to start at 12.30.

Players (boys and girls) must be under 18 on 1st January 2020, there is no lower age limit, however to be able to play they must be able to retrieve their own darts and able to score games or have a parent/guardian who can mark games for them.

The format for the play-offs is an initia round robin format, with all players (boys and girls) competing for places in the knock out stages later on. A separate girls knock out will also be played off, there is also a plate competition that is open to all players who do not qualify for the knock out stages of the main event.

The Entry fee for all players is 5 for members and 10 for non members, the 2020 membership fee is 25, to join click on the logo below.


The membership gives each player a 5 discount at every event in the Grand Prix, plus the opportunity to qualify for the GP Finals, to be considered for the England Youth International Team and other England event finals.