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2018 England Youth Grand Prix Finals 



  England Youth Grand Prix  Finals on Sunday 21st October

Starting at 12.00 - Free Entry

 March GER Sports Club, Robingoodfellows Lane, March Cambridgeshire. PE15 8HS.


England Boys Grand Prix   England Girls Grand Prix
Overall Group 1   Overall Group 1
Connor Arberry 3-1 Lewis Mayes   Beau Greaves 3-0 Ashleigh Turner
Kieron Plews 0-3 Dan Perry   Holly Meadwell 3-0 Alex Dorney
Lewis Mayes 2-3 Kieron Plews   Holly Meadwell 3-1 Ashleigh Turner
Dan Perry 3-2 Connor Arberry   Alex Dorney 0-3 Beau Greaves
Connor Arberry 3-0 Kieron Plews   Beau Greaves 3-1 Holly Meadwell
Dan Perry 3-0 Lewis Mayes   Ashleigh Turner 3-0 Alex Dorney
Overall Group 4   Overall Group 2
Cameron Nicholson 1-3 Tyler Radlett   Shannon Reeves 3-0 Hannah Meadwell
Reece Pauling 1-3 Lewis Gurney   Natasha Kennedy 3-0 Ellie Larsson-Brown
Tyler Radlett 3-2 Reece Pauling   Hannah Meadwell 3-0 Natasha Kennedy
Lewis Gurney 2-3 Cameron Nicholson      Ellie Larsson-Brown 1-3 Shannon Reeves
Cameron Nicholson 3-2 Reece Pauling   Shannon Reeves 3-0 Natasha Kennedy
Lewis Gurney 3-0 Tyler Radlett   Ellie Larsson-Brown 0-3 Hannah Meadwell
Overall Group 3   All games best of 5 legs
Mitchell McCarthy 3-0 Kieron Lown   Top two players qualify for the Semi Finals
Tavis Dudeney 3-0 Drew Mole        
Kieron Lown 0-3 Tavis Dudeney        
Drew Mole 1-3 Mitchell McCarthy        
Mitchell McCarthy 3-2 Tavis Dudeney        
Drew Mole 3-0 Kieron Lown        
Overall Group 2        
Brad Phillips 2-3 Alex Gurr        
Dalton Storr 0-3 Jack Male        
Alex Gurr 3-0 Dalton Storr        
Jack Male 1-3 Brad Phillips        
Brad Phillips 3-0 Dalton Storr        
Jack Male 3-1 Alex Gurr        
All games best of 5 legs        
Top two players qualify for the Quarter Finals        


Boy's Quarter Finals
Dan Perry 2-4 Tavis Dudeney
Lewis Gurney 1-4 Jack Male
Mitchell McCarthy 4-1 Tyler Radlett
Brad Phillips 1-4 Connor Arberry
Girls Semi Finals
Beau Greaves 3-0 Hannah Meadwell
Shannon Reeves 1-3 Holly Meadwell
Boy's Semi Finals
Tavis Dudeney 1-4 Jack Male
Mitchell McCarthy  


Connor Arberry
Girls Final

Beau Greaves


Holly Meadwell

Boy's Final

Jack Male

4-5 Mitchell McCarthy




England Darts are pleased to announce that the Grand Finals of the inaugural England Youth Grand Prix will be played on Sunday 21st October at March GER Sports Club (Cambridgeshire County Venue).  


GER Sports Club

  Robingoodfellows Lane,



PE15 8HS.   




The top 16 players in the overall rankings and the top 8 players in the girl’s rankings, after the final event at Selsey on September 9th will be invited to play in the finals at the GER. 


Play will start at 12 noon on the 21st October with the top 16 from the overall rankings and the top 8 girls all being split into groups of four, matches being played on a round robin basis with the top two players in each group going into the last eight and last four respectively, all these matches will be played on stage with the winners crowned as the first ever England Youth Grand Prix Champions. 



Prize Money

 Overall    Position    Girls  
300 Champion  150   
150 Runner Up


75 Joint 3rd 50
50 Joint 5th 25
25 Joint 9th N/A

Cambridgeshire will provide their own stage set up, this includes multi use cameras for the spectators, who will have free entry and walk on music for all stage matches that will be refereed by all the Cambridgeshire MC’s.


For those travelling by train March railway station is 0.7 miles from the venue. 





Places to stay (all in March)

Hippodrome (Wetherspoons) Causeway Guest House King William
01354 602980 01354 650823 01354 653378
Ye Olde Griffin Oliver Cromwell
01354 652517 01354 602980