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The final day at the Europe Cup in Hungary saw the English girls reach win the pairs title with a 4 -0 win over the Danish girls and in the singles Casey Gallagher won the singles for the second consecutive year whilst Natasha Eaves lost in the semi final.

The final points scores were :

Girls  Points   Position Boys  Points  
England 71  Champions    Netherlands   153
 Germany   36 Runners Up Germany 85
Denmark 27 Third Denmark 62
    9th England 32

The boys had a disappointing Europe Cup and finished up 9th.


The first day at the Europe Cup in Hungary has seen mixed fortunes for the England teams.

The girls have had a great day as both Natasha Eaves and Casey Gallagher reached the semi finals of the singles and they are also in the semi finals of the pairs, it places them top of the points with 42 points with Germany on 31 points and the Netherlands and Belgium on 24 points.

All of the semi finals and finals will be played on Saturday.

The boys had a disappointing day as they failed to reach the latter stages in the singles and pairs, the best performance came in the team event where they lost a deciding leg in the quarter finals against Denmark. They are in 10th place overall with 20 points.




We would like to wish the England Youth teams the very best of luck as they head off to Hungary to compete in the 2013 Europe Cup Youth event that is being played on Friday and Saturday.

There is a total of fourteen teams taking part in the 2013 event and more details are available on the WDF site, CLICK HERE

Girls Team   Boys Team
Natasha Eaves   Lancashire   Bradley Halls   Essex
Casey Gallagher   Sussex   George Killington   London
        Mason Riou   Hampshire
        Jordan Singh   West Midlands



Casey Gallagher

2012 Girls Champions

Josie Paterson


Team England Arron Fairweather 2012 Boys Runners-up


  England       Scotland              
  Av       Av       Legs   Sets  
1 21.92   Arron Fairweather   25.10   Alan Edwards   3-1   1-0  
2 19.03   Josh McCarthy   17.55   Bradley Weston   0-3   0-1  
3 22.66   Zak Cross   21.42   Brendyn Donnelly   3-2   1-0  
4 19.78   Bradley Halls   17.59   Neil Copper   3-0   1-0  
1 18.14   Casey Gallagher   18.33   Emily Davidson   3-2   1-0  
2 19.78   Josie Paterson   16.74   Louise Duncan   3-0   1-0  




  England       Wales              
  Av       Av       Legs   Sets  
1 19.23   Arron Fairweather     16.82   Curtis Dowden   3-1   1-0  
2 21.35   Zac Cross   23.58   Rhys Griffin   2-3   0-1  
3 21.59   Bradley Halls   22.10   Liam Astley   2-3   0-1  
4 21.83   Josh McCarthy   22.17   Marc Evans   1-3   0-1  
1 13.87   Josie Paterson   16.34   Gemma Bowen   3-0   1-0  
2 21.78   Casey Gallagher   13.91   Rhian Evans   3-0   1-0  





Following on from the Youth International Challenge at Blackpool during the England Masters, the three Countries agreed that they would make it into an annual event and as it would be played on the Friday night prior to the British Internationals and would now be known as the British International Youth Championships.

6th March 2012

Casey Gallagher   16 years old   Sussex
Josie Paterson 16 years old Yorkshire   
Zak Cross 13 years old   Wiltshire
Arron Fairweather   17 years old Suffolk
Bradley Halls 14 years old Essex
Josh McCarthy 16 years old Wiltshire  


16th July : 2011 Youth International Challenge - Blackpool

England Girls & Boys Are The First UK Internationals Champions 2011


England       Scotland            
  Av       Av       Legs   Sets  
1 26.37   Jake Jones   20.92   Bradley Weston   4-0   1-0  
2 22.39   Thomas Chant   21.56   Brendyn Donnelly   3-4   0-1  
3 21.55   Josh McCarthy   21.23   Gordon Hastings   4-3   1-0  
4 22.36   Craig Brown   21.56   Liam Duguid   2-4   0-1  
1 19.98   Fallon Sherrock   18.72   Emily Davidson   3-2   1-0  
2 19.51   Felicia Blay   17.28   Louise Duncan   3-0   1-0  


  Scotland     Wales            
  Av       Av   Legs   Legs   Sets  
1 21.10   Liam Duguid   21.21   Ryan Jones   3-4   0-1  
2 20.08   Bradley Weston   24.31   Rhys Griffin   1-4   0-1  
3 19.76   Brendyn Donnelly   21.78   Huw Ware   0-4   0-1  
4 26.34   Gordon Hastings   26.84   Sam Cankett     1-4   0-1  
1 16.68   Louise Duncan   16.90   Alannah Waters     3-1   1-0  
2 18.79   Emily Davidson   12.16   Gemma Bowen   3-0   1-0  


  England     Wales            
  Av       Av       Legs   Sets  
1 26.37   Jake Jones   23.83   Rhys Griffin   4-1   1-0  
2 21.81   Josh McCarthy   25.03   Sam Cankett   1-4   0-1  
3 21.12   Craig Brown   18.99   Rhian Jones   4-2   1-0  
4 25.52   Thomas Chant   22.63   Huw Ware   4-1   1-0  
1 18.33   Fallon Sherrock   14.27   Gemma Bowen       1-0  
2 17.47   Felicia Blay   18.88   Alannah Waters          1-0  


Youth Squad 2011

Europe Cup Youth Championships, Aberdeen, Scotland






9th July


Picture taken from

The boys have won the title with a 9-6 win over Holland that confirms second place overall behind champions Holland.

 The girls (Fallon Sherrock & Felicia Blay) have won the pairs finals with a 4-2 win over Scotland. 

Jake Jones lost 1-3 in the singles final to Jimmy Hendricks of Holland.

To get the full details CLICK HERE

x players who have been selected to represent England in the 2011 Europe Youth Cup, to be played in Scotland from the 7th to 10th July. Teams are :

Felicia Blay   Bedfordshire   17 years old    
Fallon Sherrock     Bedfordshire   17 years old     
Thomas Chant   Hampshire     16 years old  
Jake Jones   Staffordshire   17 years old  
Josh Mc Carthy   Wiltshire   15 years old  
Josh Payne   Kent   17 years old  

Team Manager : Vic Sexton

Jake Jones and Josh Payne were in last years squads, but the other four will all be making their England debuts.


The 2010 Europe Cup Youth Championships was played in Seepark, Kirchhiem, Germany from the 9th to 11th July.

For the results from individual competitions click on the respective events below :-

The four boys : Matt Dicken, Jake Jones, Josh Payne & Ben Songhurst won the four person team event with a 9-6 win over the Netherlands in the final, it also meant that they also took the overall title .


Girls Singles Boys Singles Girls Pairs Boys Pairs Boys Team

This is the 21st staging of the Youth Europe Cup and there is a record number of teams taking part.

In the girls event there are 13 teams : England, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey & Wales.

In the boys event there are 16 teams : England, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey & Wales.

The draw for the various events can be found by clicking here

2010 England Youth Squad Announced

We would like to congratulate the six players who will make up the 2010 England Youth squad, they are:

Lauren Hitchens   Surrey   16 years old  
Zoe Jones   Warwickshire   17 years old
Matt Dicken   West Midlands   17 years old
Jake Jones   Staffordshire   16 years old
Josh Payne   Kent   16 years old
Ben Songhurst   Kent   16 years old

Vic Sexton - Team Manager

Of the six selected players, the only new cap is Josh Payne, the other five were all in the 2009 England squad that played in Holland.

All six of them have already made the move into their respective senior County teams and some of them have already made it into the County 'A' teams.

We wish tem the very best of luck in Germany.